Clean Your Home's Air, Starting With Your Area Rugs

Rugs can add a flair to any room, and with a market worth over $47 billion, this houseware has a substantial impact on your overall space. However, while they look great, they can negatively affect your home's air quality if left unclean for long enough. So, how can you combat this pesky problem? Thankfully, it's relatively easy. All you have to do is bash your rug repeatedly while outdoors to release any trapped dust and dirt particles. You can do it with your hands or by smacking it on the ground. For a larger rug, this may be a two-person job. Of course, this should help to decrease the amount of dust that may otherwise be lingering in your home. It should also help to dislodge any dirt particles that may accumulate due to high foot traffic. 

When you finish, you can always leave it outside to air out — weather permitting, of course. Leaving it out on a sunny day may even help to prevent any distasteful scents from developing on your rug, too. While you do this, you could continue any other housework tasks. Just make sure you give it a quick pass over with your vacuum in addition, as this should suck up any dust on a deeper level that your beatings may not have dislodged. But why is it so important to keep your rug clean?

Rug cleaning helps reduce indoor air pollution

Using this method works as the force you apply to the rug helps to displace and remove any dust particles that are sitting in your rug. The particulate matter is then released into the outdoor air, rather than staying inside your home. Now, your rug shouldn't negatively impact your indoor air quality. But why is this so important?

Cleaning your rug is essential because materials such as these can harbor mold spores, particle pollution, dirt, and even dust mites. This may contribute to harmful indoor air pollution, and it highlights why removing them from your home is necessary. If you worry particularly about these particles, or don't have time to clean your rug often, you may want to consider using an air purifier to get rid of dust in the air. Likewise, make sure you dust other areas of your home thoroughly, too.