Save Your Citrus Tree With The Help Of This Popular Kitchen Spice

While citrus trees are picturesque, they can also be finicky, especially if they lose a branch. Fruit trees in general can become sick and infected if they experience a wound, whether from pruning or weather. Maybe a limb snapped off during a heavy storm, or perhaps you trimmed a large branch because it was getting too close to your house. Whatever the reason, it's important not to expose the wound to the elements. That's because tree wounds are a lot like human wounds — they can get infected by bacteria if bare. Since the inside of the tree is exposed and not protected by its rough and thick bark, harmful contaminants can enter and create disease or decay. However, cinnamon can help protect your citrus trees from such a fate.

This is a great gardening hack to have in your back pocket because it's not only proven to be effective, but it's also readily available. Most people have a jar of ground cinnamon in their home, so you can use something at your fingertips to address a tree wound ASAP. Intrigued? Here's how to use cinnamon in your garden.

How to use cinnamon to dress tree wounds

This gardening hack works because cinnamon is a natural fungicide. This means it kills any fungal spores it comes into contact with, protecting your tree from potential infection and rot. All you have to do is add a thick layer of cinnamon directly onto the wound, and that should do the trick to protect it from the risk of disease. While the sap will usually help the spice stick to the injury, you can also make a cinnamon paste out of a tablespoon or so of water to help it adhere to the bark better. You can also use this trick on any small cuts or damage the tree has sustained. It will act sort of like Neosporin on a cut, ensuring bacteria and fungus threats are neutralized. 

While you can use old jars of cinnamon you have at home, significant cuts might require you to use newer bottles. That's because the anti-fungal and microbial properties lessen over time, and you will want the cinnamon to be pretty potent to protect a large cut or wound. You can easily buy cinnamon at any grocery store, but if you have a large cut, consider getting a large bottle from warehouse stores like Costco.