The DIY Vacuum Attachment That'll Reach The Tightest Spots

What do vacuuming in hard-to-reach places and a condiment bottle cap have in common? Well, under normal circumstances, not much. One sucks up dust and dirt, and the other adds swirls of ketchup and mustard to your burger. However, where they can potentially meet in the middle is that one can act as a simple yet crafty DIY vacuum attachment to the other. This condiment bottle from Walmart is a fairly typical example.

Now, there are recommended ways to use all the attachments on your vacuum, but even the crevice tool that comes with your unit won't do a complete job of lifting dust in the tiniest areas of your home. When you pop the lid off a squeeze bottle, it's the perfect tool to attach to the end of your vacuum hose. You can get wall corners, sofa crevices, car seats, and other hard-to-access spots satisfyingly clean in a way that no other premade attachment can.

How and where to use your DIY vacuum attachment

If you've tried to attach the bottle top to the hose and the DIY attachment is too big, turn your vacuum on and place the top of the squeeze bottle, point facing out, at the end of the hose. The inward-sucking air should keep it in place without too much fuss.

Some of the best spots to direct this narrow laser beam of dirt suction include car seats, rubber car floor mats, and dusty window corners if your vehicle has been sitting unused for a while. After you power down your laptop or computer, it's also excellent for cleaning your keyboard or dust screen. Additionally, this hack works wonders inside utility or utensil drawers — it's great for picking up stray instant coffee crystals, coffee grounds, or crumbs from tight corners. 

If you have upholstery festooned with little buttons, the area underneath and around the buttons gets dusty quickly, making these a perfect candidate for your DIY attachment. Also, look near your home's window tracks; most bottle tops are the perfect size to clean them. That said, if you're not cleaning your vacuum attachments enough, we recommend rinsing them after you're done — including this cute DIY nozzle.