Turn An Old Bookshelf Into A Trendy Headboard With This Simple IKEA Hack

A terrific way to make a stylish statement in your room is by upgrading your furniture. As the primary focus of your room, your bed can be so much more than a frame and a good mattress. Adding a statement headboard to your bedroom can elevate its aesthetic and command even more attention. The only downside to purchasing a headboard is that it can be quite expensive, especially if it's made of expensive wood or quality leather. You could be shelling out at least a couple hundred bucks just to revamp your room. However, you could spend a fraction of that amount opting for a simple DIY IKEA hack that transforms part of an old bookshelf into the headboard of your dreams.

Far from being just a fancy piece of artistry for your bed, headboards are quite useful when it comes to protecting the wall from being scraped up and keeping your pillows from tumbling all over the place. Although most headboards are attached to the bed frame, you can follow TikTok DIY creator @misslizdidit's cues and experiment with the design. Your headboard can sit on the wall instead for a unique, contemporary look that's sure to turn heads and drop jaws as soon as they enter your bedroom.

Design your headboard using the side panel of a bookcase

Forming a headboard using a bookcase might sound far-fetched but it's a fun task that's sure to turn out looking spectacular. To create the DIY headboard, TikToker Liz uses the side panel of an IKEA IVAR bookcase measuring 20 by 70 inches. In order to give it a little extra pizzazz, she weaves cotton webbing in a checkered fashion across the board and secures it on the back using a stapler. If you're thinking of going a different route with the design, feel free to freestyle it with different patterns or colored webbing. It's going to be on your wall after all.

Once you're through with the designing, make sure everything is tacked securely onto the wood, and then attach it using screws right above your bed where a typical headboard would be. According to her blog, you can also hang the board with hooks instead of screwing it into the wall. If this arrangement doesn't work out for you, you can still fasten it to your bed just like another TikTok user @tictoctotheclock who commented on the video, saying: "I tried the headboard mounted to the wall and there was too much of a gap. I later attached it to the bed and it did serve its purpose better."