Increase Your Shower's Water Pressure With This Genius Trick

There is nothing worse than hopping into your shower and being met with a weak trickle. It makes the experience way more cumbersome since you can't get adequate pressure to remove the shampoo and soap efficiently. You'll just be standing under the weak spray, watching the minutes tick by as you struggle to rinse. A weak flow can be caused by a number of things, including a leak in the house, a clogged pipe, or issues with the water heater. But sometimes, it's nothing as dire as that. Instead, it might be your shower head that is slowing things down. In that case, you can easily increase your water pressure with some minimal tinkering.

You don't need to have handyman-level skills to increase the flow in your shower. All you will need is a screwdriver, a power drill, and a drill bit. To pull this off, you only need to know how to use the power drill, which isn't a tall order. If you're tired of experiencing meager showers and are looking forward to a steady spray you can relax under, then read on. This is how to hack your way into stronger water pressure.

How to increase the water pressure in your shower head

If you have determined that the water pressure issue stems from your shower head and not your pipes, then it's time to alter the fixture. To do so, remove the shower head from its pipe, and use a screwdriver to remove the rubber washer. This will reveal the hole that your water comes through, and if your water pressure is weak, chances are that hole is very small. To increase the flow, you will need to widen the opening. To do so, grab your power drill and insert a drill bit that is about double the size of the shower head's hole. Drill a new opening in it, put the rubber washer back in, and screw it back onto the wall. And that's it! You should have a stronger flow the next time you turn it on.

While this will make your shower experience more satisfying and luxurious, it will also likely increase your water bill. Since you drilled a hole twice as big as the original one, it stands to reason that twice as much water will push through. This will likely increase your water bill by some change, but that might be well worth it for some.