The Brilliant Hack That Makes Hanging Plants Easy And Affordable

If you're looking to upgrade your plant game on a budget, a great way to do so is by hanging your greenery or flowers on your fence with some closet hooks. This TikTok hack by @redeux_style can make hanging plants in your outdoor space both an accessible and affordable task. It can also help you create a flourishing canopy of greenery on your fence. Even better, this hack works for a wide variety of plants, meaning you can either use some that you already have or choose a new selection to make it more personalized and unique. This trick is ideal if you have foliage that is arranged in baskets, as you'll be able to suspend the containers from your fence with ease.

Not only is it cheap, but the tip is also straightforward and requires no DIY skill, even if you decide to customize your hanger. Therefore, anyone from a DIY beginner to an experienced maker can complete this trick with little work or thought required. If you do it right, you may start turning some heads, as your outdoor space will be completely transformed. 

Grab some closet hooks

All you need for this hack are some old closet hooks, which are typically used to make small closets more organized. Placed over the top of a door, these are often used to hang things like coats or bathrobes. If you have any spare hooks, this is the perfect opportunity to use them. However, if you don't have any, you can always purchase some cheap ones from Walmart if you're on a budget. For the actual hack, all you have to do is hang your closet hooks on the top of your fence and pop your planters or baskets onto them. You can attach your plants using the gaps in the basket or any holes or handles. You could also use zip ties or rope to attach these containers to the hooks as well.

The reason this hack works so well all comes down to the hooks, as they allow your plants to be connected to the fence with minimal fuss. This helps to give the illusion of floating plants, as the foliage will probably cover up most of the hook to the visible eye. Of course, you should always ensure the hooks are strong enough to hold your plants. If your greenery is too heavy, they may snap.