How An Empty Toilet Paper Roll Can Help Your Herb Garden Thrive

You probably know that roots are responsible for soaking up water and nutrients, and you've probably heard that deeper roots are better. There are root training pots available to buy to help you grow seedlings with deeper roots to give your plants and herbs a better head start in the garden. But what if you want to incorporate biodegradable plant pots that will be easy to transplant and kinder to the earth? Have no fear — toilet paper rolls are here to save the day. 

Using toilet paper rolls for planting has been suggested as an earth-friendly alternative for quite some time. The cardboard breaks down quickly and becomes much-needed compost that your plants will eventually benefit from. But as it turns out, they're also quite helpful for making roots a little deeper and sturdier, which will lead to healthier, longer-lasting plants. This is especially helpful when starting an herb garden.

Use the roll to make roots grow deeper

Herbs are popular choices for planting in kitchen gardens and on balconies because they have shallow root systems that fit in pots small enough to be on the window sill. But when you want to grow herbs outdoors, you need substantial roots that will help them get through winter. Root depth is highly dependent on the availability of water. Consistently moist soil — which most herbs need — will encourage shallow root depth because they don't have to search far for water. Dry soil, however, may encourage deep root growth — unless your plants die first.

This is where toilet paper rolls come in. The thin and narrow space will encourage deeper roots that grow down instead of out. Deep roots have better nutrient intake, leading to healthier, larger plants. Try starting all your herb seeds in toilet paper rolls to create a healthy and sustainable herb garden.