Banish Armadillos From Your Yard With An Essential You Already Have Around The House

Armadillos are adorable little critters but can be detrimental to a thriving garden if they catch a scent of fresh-growing produce. All 21 known species of armadillo reside in North America and South America in warm climates and often take advantage of the gardeners around them by foraging off of their vegetation. Fortunately, there is an easy and highly effective way to keep armadillos away from your luscious greens and produce using a common household item. Simply spray white vinegar on and around your vegetation to naturally repel these warm climate pests.

Because armadillos are nocturnal, their sight is extremely limited, and they rely on their strong sense of smell to navigate their surroundings and find food. That being said, they despise the strong, pungent scent of white vinegar and will avoid it. This scent will overpower that of fruits and vegetables growing in your garden and deter any curious armadillos from mooching off of your produce.

Initiating the hack

Before you go looking for and purchasing the required materials, figure out the areas you would like to target. This will give you a better understanding of how much ground you need to cover and how much white vinegar you will need.

Because of the minimal materials required, this hack is cost-efficient and easy to access. Many people can find the two items needed, white vinegar and an empty spray bottle, already in their homes. And if they don't have them, both can be bought at any grocery store for a total of less than $10, making this repellent much cheaper and safer than many harmful pesticides and traps.

Once you have your materials, you can start initiating the hack. Carefully pour an equal amount of vinegar and water into the spray bottle, put the cap on, and shake the bottle to allow the two liquids to mix thoroughly. Then, carefully spray the mixture around your garden, avoiding direct contact with plants that may be sensitive to white vinegar.

Other ways to get the job done

If you are worried about accidentally spraying your plants with the white vinegar mixture, there are other ways to use this hack that completely negate that fear. You can also make a sachet with this hack by soaking cotton balls in vinegar and putting them in a mesh or otherwise aerated bag. Weigh the sachet down with rocks from your yard and place it in an area where armadillos are frequently found. You can also soak a towel or rag in vinegar and sit rocks on top of it or hang it near your garden for a similar effect.

Regardless of which technique you use, be sure to reapply the white vinegar at least once a week. You should apply more if your mist has been rinsed away or your sachets and rags have been diluted due to heavy rainfall. This will ensure that your hack is working to its greatest potential, forcing armadillos to steer clear of your garden and allowing you to enjoy all of your fresh produce for yourself.