The Easy DIY Halloween Candles To Light Up Your Next Bubble Bath

When it's time to start thinking about cheap and easy Halloween decorations, then you may want to tackle a fun DIY candle project, like this one from TikToker @dominiquemalandro. The viral candle DIY, of a skeleton with cucumbers over its eyes relaxing in a bath coffin, has earned over 2.5 million views and more than 300,000 likes in less than three weeks. That's perhaps due to the fact that, as one person noted in the comments, "I've seen like 50 videos of these videos on my fyp [For You Page] in the last few weeks and this [is] by far the best one."

You might agree when you check out @dominiquemalandro's creative work. In the video, she first melts a few regular white candles in a boiling water bath before placing little skeleton figures in a tiny coffin and a ceramic bowl (although you could also use a cauldron, a ramekin, or anything that makes an ideal Halloween candle holder). After popping in a wick and a holder to keep it up, she pours in the wax. For a little more flair, she adds gauze to the skeleton's head like a towel and covers its eyes with itty-bitty cucumbers. When the wax dries, she removes the wick suspenders, cuts the excess, and is left with a skeleton bath candle.

Other ways to have fun with skeleton bath candles

There's no doubt that the Halloween-themed candle video from TikToker @dominiquemalandro was a hit with those who have seen it, however, a few people had some recommendations for various changes or additions while someone else had a bit of a concern. They took to the comments to write, "Beautiful! I just... I have a question... hear me out... what happens when it starts to melt all the way down?! The skeleton is plastic."

In response, @dominiquemalandro agreed that it might not be a good idea to light the candles if you use a plastic skeleton and instead just admire their appearance and smell. She seemed just as willing to consider a few potential changes, such as one person who suggested, "[A]dd a few drops of red die to the bottom have [sic] of the wax so when it melts it slowly looks like blood filling the tub lol."

Another person thought that it might be fun if the skeleton (or wax?) glowed. Others felt like glitter or little bath bomb flowers (real or faux) might take it to the next level, while yet another eager fan of the project replied by adding a suggestion that others have also given a try, writing, "Needs a tiny rubber ducky!!!"