11 Unexpected Things You Can Clean With A Swiffer

Swiffer products have indeed become a household staple, valued for their efficiency in removing dust, dirt, and pet hair from surfaces. But many people aren't aware of their incredible versatility and the wide range of cleaning tasks they can tackle with ease. The fibers on the dusters and cloths possess a positive electrostatic charge, which creates a strong attraction when brought into contact with negatively charged or neutral dust particles. Once captured, they're securely locked in place, preventing them from re-entering the air or resettling on the cleaned surface. Their wide and flat design allows for thorough coverage and ensures that dirt and debris are expertly trapped and removed. 

These dusters are not only powerful but also affordable and readily available. One box usually comes with five or more refills and a handle for quick use. They also last way longer than you think they would and can be rinsed and reused until they stop working. This combination of affordability, efficiency, and longevity makes Swiffer dusters an accessible and indispensable tool for maintaining a clean and dust-free home. And luckily, there is more than one way to use them. Here are all the unexpected ways to clean your house with these helpful tools.

Ceiling fan blades

Ceiling fan blades have an uncanny knack for accumulating dust and cobwebs, and that's where your trusty Swiffer comes to the rescue. For this specific cleaning task, you may want to purchase the extendable handle as it will eliminate the need for a ladder. First, make sure the device is turned off, as nobody wants to deal with flying dust bunnies. Next, extend the handle on your duster to reach the fan blades. The flat, wide design makes it a perfect fit, easily trapping the dust and cobwebs in its electrostatic fibers. Gently press the duster against the top and bottom of each blade and give it a slow, deliberate swipe. The positive charge will attract and hold onto the dust, leaving your fan remarkably clean in just a few passes.

The Swiffer has a few advantages over traditional cleaning supplies for this task. For starters, it's a dry method, so there's no need for messy sprays or wet cloths that can drip on you and cause a mess. The sleek and thin extendable handle allows you to reach high places without needing a ladder, making the task safer and more accessible. Finally, the duster's electrostatic fibers not only attract dust but also lock it in, preventing it from falling back onto your floors or furniture.

Window blinds

Cleaning window blinds can be a daunting task, especially when dust and pet hair seem to cling to every slat. Luckily, your Swiffer can be a game-changer in making this chore a breeze. To begin, ensure that your blinds are in the closed position to expose as much surface area as possible and gently run it along each slat. To achieve spotless blinds, work from the top to the bottom and use a light touch. This method prevents dislodged dust from settling on already-cleaned slats and avoids any accidental damage to the blinds. Here is another task where the extendable handle is a solid investment. If you buy this accessory, you'll be able to reach blinds that are too high such as floor-to-ceiling ones.

The Swiffer excels in this task because it doesn't require any liquids or sprays, which can be messy and may leave streaks on your blinds. Plus, its design allows you to clean multiple slats at once, making it a time-efficient choice compared to other cleaning supplies like microfiber cloths or sponges, which often require more manual effort and can miss those hard-to-reach places. For a more thorough, deep clean of your blinds, One Crazy House recommends tying two dusters to a pair of tongs. Put the blinds in the open position and swipe from left to right, trapping even more dirt and dust.

Computer keyboard

Your computer keyboard often gets overlooked until crumbs and dust accumulate between the keys. Fortunately, a dry Swiffer cloth can be a fantastic tool for this job. Before you clean, power off your computer or disconnect the keyboard to avoid any accidental key presses. Next, fold the duster to create a thinner, more manageable shape. Gently insert it between the rows of keys and use a slow back-and-forth motion to capture crumbs, dust, and debris. The Swiffer's texture and electrostatic charge are incredibly effective at attracting and holding onto these particles, leaving your keyboard looking and feeling much cleaner.

One of the standout advantages of using a Swiffer for keyboard cleaning is its ability to navigate the tight spaces between the keys. Unlike paper towels or microfiber cloths, which can sometimes push debris further into the device or struggle to reach those narrow crevices, the duster's slim profile allows it to access even the most challenging spots. To get the best results, be sure to clean your keyboard regularly, as crumbs and dust buildup can lead to performance issues over time.

Light fixtures and lampshades

Light fixtures, especially those high-up chandeliers, can be a challenging thing to clean. However, with a Swiffer cloth attached to an extendable handle, you can make this chore much more manageable and efficient. It's a good idea to turn the light off and ensure it's cooled before you begin. Then, securely attach the cloth to the handle and gently swipe the duster over the fixture's surfaces to remove dust and cobwebs. Depending on the last time you cleaned them, you may need to give it a few passes. Aside from reaching high light fixtures, you can also use a Swiffer to make lampshades shine.

The duster's gentle touch prevents damage to the lampshade while effectively removing dust and cobwebs. It's important to move the duster lightly to avoid pressing the dust into the fabric, which can sometimes happen with more abrasive cleaning methods. Consider dusting lampshades regularly — once a week is ideal — to prevent buildup and maintain a fresh, well-lit atmosphere in your home. The cloth and extendable handle combo simplify the task of reaching high-up light fixtures and ensure that you can accomplish it safely, all without the need for precarious climbing or complicated equipment.

Car interiors

Believe it or not, cleaning your car's interior can be a breeze with a Swiffer cloth. To start, turn off your car's engine and make sure the surfaces are cool to the touch. Unfold the dry duster and swipe it over the dashboard and console. Remember to pay attention to high-touch areas like the steering wheel and gear shift, which can accumulate oils and grime over time. The electrostatic properties will attract and trap dust and particles without the need for additional cleaning products.

It's also great for reaching those small crevices, like inside vents and buttons, ensuring a more thorough clean. If you're looking for a deeper clean, attach a cloth to an extendable handle. This allows you to reach further into your car's interior without straining or contorting yourself. The advantage of using a Swiffer for your car is its convenience. It's a dry cleaning method, so you won't need to worry about leaving behind any residue or streaks, which can happen with liquid cleaners. Plus, it's a quick and efficient way to maintain a clean, dust-free ride. You can even leave a Swiffer in your glove compartment and use it for quick touchups when stuck at a red light.

Pet hair on furniture

If you have pets, you probably know the struggle of dealing with pet hair on your furniture, curtains, and bedding. For people living with allergies, keeping pet hair at bay is important since pet dander can worsen symptoms. Luckily, a Swiffer can be your secret weapon in keeping these surfaces clean and hair-free — especially if you invest in the Heavy Duty Pet Dry Cloths. Unfold a cloth to expose the full surface area and gently move it over your upholstered furniture. You can also use the duster on the pet's bed, drapes, toys, and more. Work in a deliberate, overlapping pattern to ensure thorough coverage and capture of even those pesky fine hairs.

When using a Swiffer for this task, it's essential to use a light touch. Excessive pressure can push the hair deeper into the fabric, making removing it more challenging. There is no need to add additional cleaning products to the furniture as the duster is sufficient enough when used properly. It's also a quick and convenient way to tackle it on various surfaces, making it a go-to choice for pet owners. However, it might not be able to pick up every last strand since some pieces might get embedded into the fabric. If you have some annoying stragglers left behind, use a lint roller to remove them.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants and flowers can add a touch of greenery to your space without the maintenance of real plants, but they still require some cleaning to keep them looking fresh. A Swiffer can be your go-to tool for this task. Start by unfolding the cloth and then delicately wipe down each leaf or petal. The electrostatic charge will attract and hold onto dust and particles, effectively removing them without causing any damage to the delicate faux foliage. For those hard-to-reach areas or intricate arrangements, you can attach the Swiffer to an extendable handle to make the task more accessible.

When cleaning artificial plants and flowers, it's essential to be gentle and avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent any bending or unnecessary damage. Using a Swiffer for this job is advantageous because its dry method eliminates the need for water or cleaning solutions that can potentially harm or discolor the plants, especially if they're made from silk. Plus, it leaves your faux greenery looking fresh and dust-free with minimal effort. This simple duster can help you maintain the appearance of your plants and flowers, keeping your space vibrant and welcoming.

TV and electronic screens

When it comes to cleaning the screens of your electronic devices like TVs, computer monitors, and smartphones, using a Swiffer can be quite effective. It's best to turn off your device to avoid any interference or accidental button presses. Unfold the dry cloth and swipe it across the screen's surface. Aside from trapping dust, the electrostatic properties also remove fingerprints and smudges that often form throughout the day. Use a light touch and smooth, even strokes for the best results. You'll also want to work from one side to the other, following a consistent pattern, as this method helps prevent streaks.

If your electronic device has a touchscreen, make sure to turn it off since the cloth can inadvertently activate the screen. It can be annoying when you're trying to clean and you have to close apps that open in reaction to the duster's touch. Using a Swiffer for this task means you don't have to use water or other specialized cleaning solutions, which can be risky when applied to electronic devices. It leaves your screens clean, clear, and free from smudges, making it a superior choice for maintaining the display quality of your electronic devices.

Air vents

Cleaning air vents may not be the most glamorous task, but it's essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and preventing dust buildup in your home. A Swiffer can make this job easier and more effective. Start by turning off your HVAC system to prevent dust from circulating while you clean. Then, take a dry duster and gently slide it into the vents, using a slow, deliberate motion. To maximize your results, consider attaching the cloth to an extendable handle, allowing you to reach vents that are higher up or harder to access.

It's crucial to work methodically when cleaning air vents, starting with the vents furthest from the HVAC unit and moving towards it. This way, you prevent pushing dust further into the system. You may find that unscrewing the vent itself can make for easier cleaning, though the duster will still perform well if left on. It's important to dust your vents at least once a week, especially when they're constantly in use. When not in use, run your Swiffer over them once a month. This quick and efficient method removes dust and debris, making it a superior choice for keeping your home's air vents clean and your indoor air quality high.

Walls, trim, and baseboards

A time-consuming task that a Swiffer can simplify is cleaning walls, trim, and baseboards. To get started, unfold the dry cloth to expose its full surface area, moving it over the walls and trim in smooth, even strokes. The duster's flat design allows you to reach corners and tight spaces that are often challenging to access with a traditional microfiber cloth or mop. When you clean your walls, work from the top down to prevent dust from falling onto already-cleaned surfaces. For baseboards, attach the duster to its extension pole and run it along the bases' length, saving you the discomfort of bending over or getting on your hands and knees.

To maintain clean walls, consider a regular cleaning schedule, especially in high-traffic areas or spaces prone to dust buildup. Some common spaces may include a mudroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The Swiffer's convenience means you don't need additional products like wall cleaner. This helps prevent damage to painted surfaces and makes the task faster and less physically demanding. If it's been a while between dusting and the dust has turned into caked-on grime, consider using a Swiffer wet pad to remove it instead.

Closet shelves and drawers

Your closet shelves, drawers, and storage bins are often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in keeping your clothing and linens clean and fresh. A Swiffer can be a handy tool for this job. First, remove items from the shelves or drawers and empty storage bins to access all surfaces. Then, take a dry duster and wipe down the shelves, paying special attention to corners and crevices where dust accumulates. Empty bins and drawers completely to clean them thoroughly. You should work from top to bottom, and don't forget to give the hanging rods a once-over. 

To spruce up your storage space, you can also lightly spray a fabric freshener onto the cloth before wiping down the surfaces. Using a Swiffer for this task means protecting fabrics and surfaces from harmful chemicals you might have otherwise used. Plus, its design makes it easy to access tight spaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning of your closet. The next time you're organizing or spring cleaning, reach for your Swiffer to keep your closet shelves, drawers, and storage bins in tip-top shape, ultimately contributing to the overall cleanliness of your clothing and linens.