How A Simple Clothes Hanger Can Revolutionize The Way You Store Toilet Paper

If you live with others, toilet paper can become quite an issue. There's always the debate on the proper way to hang toilet paper, up or down. Yet another way it can be a challenge is when deciding how to store toilet paper in a small bathroom, but one hack may save your sanity and your space, and all you need is a clothes hanger.

Many families buy their paper products in bulk. It's cheaper and easier. Of course, toilet paper became a bit of a prized commodity since the shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people intentionally choose to keep a healthy supply on hand.

If you have a big family, there is also the case of running out of toilet paper at the most inopportune times. However, if you have an inexpensive dollar-store coat hanger, you can devise a simple way to store toilet paper. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes.

How to make the toilet paper holder

To start, get a cheap plastic hanger and cut the lower rung in half. Put on safety glasses, and make a slit in the middle of the bottom bar using wire cutters or pliers. Then, take a roll of toilet paper and slide it onto the right side of the bar. Grab another toilet paper roll and do the same with the left. Then, take a third roll and slide it onto the little space left on the bar so it will encompass both the left and right sides of what's remaining.

You can hang a hook over next to your toilet and rest the hanger on it. Then you go from having one roll of toilet paper available to having three in an instant. It's a lifesaver for homes with children or multiple family members.

If you don't want to keep the hanger on display, you can also hang them up in a bathroom closet. That way, they will be readily available when needed. It's also one way to make your bathroom seem bigger and will help take up less space than housing a 24-pack on the floor.