Why You'll Want Vinegar Around If You're Growing Berries In The Garden

According to Statista, over 8 million households cultivate berries in the U.S., proving just how widespread the practice is. While berries are a delicious and nutritious addition to any garden, things can sometimes get a bit messy, especially during harvesting. While you may want to despair at the first sight of your hands being stained by the fruit, there's actually a very simple solution: distilled white vinegar. This cupboard staple can help eliminate any pesky marks off your skin once and for all. However, be cautious about selecting the correct type of vinegar, as some types of vinegar are more suitable for cleaning than others. The key is using only white vinegar.  

Even better, this solution is also an incredibly natural way to clean your skin versus using harsh chemicals that may cause irritation. Although you'll likely have to put up with the strong odor (unless you like it), this nifty trick is definitely worth it if you're looking for a quick cleanup. So, how exactly do you use it on those pesky berry stains? Well, it's actually relatively straightforward. 

Use white distilled vinegar with water

When it comes to eliminating berry stains, you just need to use some white distilled vinegar with warm water. All you need to do is soak your hands in the mixture, giving the marks a thorough rub before washing them again with water. You can do so using an old cloth or sponge. However, you may also find it helpful to just apply the vinegar directly onto the berry stain alone, working it in there until it begins to fade. Again, give your hands a quick rinse and repeat the process if necessary. Of course, which method works for you will likely depend on how long the stain has been set on your hand.

But how does it work exactly? Well, as it turns out, it all boils down to the abrasive nature of the product, which helps to break down the berry stain on a molecular level. As a result, you should be able to naturally remove any frustrating berry marks from your hands once and for all, with minimal fuss on your part. Using white vinegar for cleaning your hands is the perfect solution, and you can even use it to treat other types of stains too. Now, you can pick your berries worry-free!