This Screwdriver Hack Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight

Putting a screw in your wall is relatively easy, but getting them back out can be a different story. If you're struggling with a screw that seems to be glued in place that no amount of screeching and yanking seems to fix, then you may feel at the end of your tether. However, there is a secret hack that may just give you the upper hand — quite literally. To coax out the pesky screw in question, you only need to grab another screwdriver (one of the many tools every homeowner should have) and utilize the screwdriver leverage hole at the top. This is arguably the "bread and butter" of the hack and is key for putting it all together.  

Using the two screwdrivers in this way should help to save you both time and money from prising the screw out of your wall, or wherever else it may be stuck. What more could you ask for? Now, all you have to do is try it out for yourself, and thankfully, it's not too difficult. 

Two screwdrivers make for an impressive duo

Now that you have two screwdrivers in hand, what about the rest? To put this nifty duo to the test, you just need to locate the hole on the handle of one of your screwdrivers. This is the most important part. The rest is simple, explains @ken.c.long on TikTok: "When you have a stubborn screw you can take another screwdriver, slide it in [the hole in the other screwdriver] and now you have lots of leverage." Now you just need to move it in the same direction you want to unscrew the screw, applying plenty of firm force while holding the other in place. Doing so should eventually help loosen the stubborn screw, allowing it to easily come out. Just be patient, otherwise you could end up hurting yourself. Being safe should always be the priority when doing any DIY around your house.

Using two screwdrivers works better than one because the amount of output force increases when you introduce the second screwdriver, which helps to move the screw. Working together, the two screwdrivers help achieve this effect, allowing you to make the most, and use more, of your own strength. Of course, you can always try applying some rust spray if the screw still won't move after trying this trick. Either way, you should be able to remedy the problem fairly quickly.