Quiet An Unbalanced Washing Machine With Just A Pool Noodle

Washing machines are incredibly popular, with over 80% of United States homes possessing one (via Statista). This, of course, makes it one of the most common household appliances. However, an unbalanced washing machine can wreak complete havoc, smashing its unearthly force down on your floor to create an unbearable racket that blasts through your ears from afar. What can one do to get a bit of peace and quiet? Thankfully, all you have to do is insert a pool noodle in the correct place, and the rest is history. However, you have to ensure that it's inserted into the correct place for this hack to work correctly. Moreover, you must ensure that something sizeable is on either side of your washing machine, such as a dryer or a wall.    

Not only is this hack quick and easy, but it's also incredibly cheap if you're on a budget or already have a pool noodle stowed away somewhere in your house. It can also help if you don't have the time to fix the issue promptly, which helps if you're particularly busy. In fact, it could even help your appliance to last longer. So, if you want to silence your misbehaving machine once and for all, then this could be your golden ticket out of there. 

Insert the pool noodle between appliances

So, you have your pool noodle, but how do you use it? As it turns out, all you need to do is insert your pool noodle between your washing machine and the appliance next to it, maneuvering it down the gap between the two. Once complete, repeat the same process on the other side between your washing machine and the wall. It should sit firmly and snugly on both sides; however, you shouldn't force it too far down. Now, the once-irritating sound of your unbalanced washing machine should be no more, and you can relax in peace. Just make sure you don't overload your washing machine, as this could aggravate the issue.

The reason this hack works is that the pool noodle prevents your washing machine from moving around and hitting its surroundings by blocking the space between them. As a result, it will move less. While this sounds great, you could end up inflicting more trouble, as it could lead to a distraction from a larger problem. For example, you may experience water leakage or your machine generally not working as well as it should, appliance servicing firm Authorized Service notes. Thus, your best bet is to inquire with a professional about how to rectify your machine's wobble, as you don't want to accidentally let serious issues slide. Until you've been cleared by a service technician, simply try to use your washer less so that no problems are exacerbated — and always remember that the pool noodle is a temporary hack.