Fix A Stuck Tub Stopper With The Help Of WD-40

Baths are one of the best luxuries in life, but tubs require a lot of upkeep. Not only do you have to scrub them down weekly, keep an eye on the caulking, and ensure they don't get mildew buildup, but they also have a lot of moving parts that can corrode or become stuck. For example, if you have hard water in your house, things like bathtub drain stoppers and spout diverters can become stuck. That's because hard water leaves behind mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium, which can build up over time if not cleaned routinely. This can make those moving parts stick, which will ruin your bath experience. If you can't press down the stopper, then you can't take a bath. But if you can't lift it, you can't drain the tub's contents, which makes for an unpleasant experience with dirty water standing in your tub. Luckily, WD-40 can help.

WD-40 is a water displacement tool, but it's also great for softening lime deposits created by hard water. Because of that, it can help unstick your tub stopper in mere seconds. If you have a bottle in the garage, it's worth a try! Here's how to do it.

How to use WD-40 to fix a stuck tub stopper

The best way to dislodge a stuck tub stopper is to first empty the tub. Then, if you've noticed you can't push it down and it's permanently sprung up, grab the WD-40 can and give the mechanism a few small spritzes. That should be enough product to deteriorate the limescale and be able to push the stopper back down. If there is a lot of mineral buildup, then you will need to grab a tooth or denture brush. Spray the plug, give the product a few minutes to deteriorate the calcified minerals, and then use the brush to remove any stubborn residue that has not dissolved. This should be enough to push down the stopper. 

If the stopper won't lift, gently spray around the seal and allow the WD-40 to work its magic. You should be able to pull it back up without much issue after. If the trip lever operates the stopper and is stuck, the same idea applies. Gently lubricate the lever with WD-40, and you should hopefully be able to fix your problem.