Is Your Door Constantly Slamming Into The Wall? Try A Tennis Ball

Home repairs can be expensive, with many of us forking out up to $2,300 annually to keep things in check. If you often deal with doors smashing against your wall, this is just another avoidable cost to add. However, there is actually a simple solution that can prevent it from happening. As it turns out, using a tennis ball could help to end all the noise in its tracks. Likewise, you could even soundproof your door for some extra peace. Not only is this great news for your ears, but it also means that your door handles will inflict less damage on your walls. As a result, this should save you money in the long term, as you won't have to undergo any repairs.

This hack is perfect if you have any children or partners who have a habit of swinging doors open and shut. However, how exactly do you use a tennis ball to protect your wall and door from coming into contact with one another? Thankfully, it's not too tricky, and you should be able to set up this nifty DIY hack in no time. So grab a tennis ball, and get ready to go!

Add the tennis ball to your door handle

In order to craft this nifty trick for yourself, you'll need a sharp knife and a tennis ball or two, depending on how many doors you want to work with. If you're working with several doors, you'll want one tennis ball for each. For the first step, you need to take your knife and create a slit in the ball to create an opening. Of course, you should always ensure to take extra caution when using a knife and concentrate on what you're doing. You also need to ensure that the slit is big enough. Now, you just need to pop it on your door handle and put it to the test. You should always check to ensure it fits securely and doesn't slip off easily; otherwise, it will be useless. If you don't have tennis balls and are desperate for a solution, you can always try using a rubber band for a noisy door or searching for some online — they shouldn't cost too much!  

The reason why this trick works so well is because the ball cushions the blow and allows the door to bounce back. This is because of the way the air moves inside the balls, unlike a door handle, which is a solid structure with no air inside. Without it, the door wouldn't bounce back slightly. Naturally, as they wear down, you may have to replace them (but they should still last a while).