Easily Clean Your Dusty Houseplants With This Genius Hack

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Adding indoor plants for a splash of greenery in your home is an excellent idea, as it creates an inviting atmosphere. Moreover, they double up as a mood booster, encourage creativity, reduce stress, and absorb air pollutants to keep your air clean. However, over time, they develop a fine coating of dirt and dust that interferes with their ability to photosynthesize by blocking their access to light — natural and artificial. Additionally, dirty houseplants will make it easier for insects and pests to hide among the foliage and cramp your home's aesthetics. Luckily, you can easily clean your dusty houseplants with an unassuming pair of cotton gloves.

This genius hack will allow you to clean the plants gently but effectively. It'll ensure you don't accidentally pluck the leaves or damage the delicate stems. The best part, though? They're eco-friendly, and you can use an existing pair of cotton gloves for this hack. But if you don't have one handy, you can purchase three pairs of Selizo white cotton gloves from Amazon for under $6.

Use cotton gloves to clean houseplants

To clean your dusty houseplants, don a pair of clean cotton gloves. Now, hold a dirty leaf gently and move your gloved hand over it to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Get in every nook and cranny for a thorough cleaning session. In the case of extremely delicate plants, you can place your other hand beneath the leaves to support them while you clean them. While you can put gloves on just one hand that'll be doing the heavy lifting, covering both hands ensures they're protected from lingering pests and insects, soil, and aggravating plant sap.

After you're done cleaning the leaves, sprinkle some water onto the leaves and use another clean pair of gloves to go over each leaf again. This step will keep your leaves shining and take care of lingering dust and pests. Post clean-up, wash your gloves with soap and water and hang them to dry before using them again.