This Easily-Thrifted Item Will Instantly Upgrade Your Houseplants

Within the walls of your favorite thrift store exists endless possibilities. What treasures will you find today? Designer jeans for a fraction of the retail price? A fabulous work of art? Some people even find actual priceless treasures, but many of us haven't been that lucky. Still, we have found plenty of items that we know will improve our lives without busting the budget. We love being able to treat ourselves to something special without feeling guilty about spending too much, and one such item could benefit the look of your houseplants while also serving a functional purpose: old dishes.

Perhaps the best thing about thrift store finds is that they are not limited to their original purpose. Clever people share their upcycled thrifted items on social media all the time, and we love their creativity. But, you don't have to be crafty to upgrade your houseplants using a simple item from the thrift store. Instead of spending a few bucks each on those ugly plastic drip trays to protect your surfaces or floors from excess water and soil, save money and upgrade the look of your house plants with thrifted trays, dinner plates, or large bowls.

Replace your drip trays with pretty plates

TikToker thishouse5000 shared the simple idea of using dinner plates, trays, or bowls to protect your home from messy houseplants. We spend a lot of money on pretty planters, but they often do not come with a matching saucer. This leaves you with nothing to protect your surfaces, shelves, and floors from soggy soil. The best types of planters have drainage holes to help prevent root rot, but that extra water has to go somewhere. Avoid ruining the look of your gorgeous planters by picking up some dishes at the thrift store.

Not only are they unattractive, but those flimsy plastic drip trays can easily crack. Glass or ceramic dishes are more attractive and also much more sturdy. They are easy to wash, and you can usually find a lot of different sizes and styles at your favorite thrift store. If you have a lot of plants, keep an eye out for half-off kitchen item sales. This usually means the store is overrun with plates and other kitchenware, so you'll get the best deal and the best selection, making it the perfect time to stock up.