This TikTok Hack Has DIYers Rushing To The Baby Aisle

Up to 75% of us tackle our own "odd jobs" ourselves, according to The Farnsworth Group; and caulking is a necessary part of many DIY jobs in the home. 

However, caulking doesn't always have to be a messy undertaking, thanks to an ingenious TikTok hack from user @leighannallaire. To prevent any excess caulk from accumulating, all you need to do is whip out a baby wipe and use it in combination with your caulk gun to achieve the perfect finish. As a result, you should produce much less waste, which means you may also save money in the long run if you're using less caulk. 

Of course, it may seem like a peculiar pairing, but it really makes all the difference once you get the hang of it. This trick is ideal if you're in a rush and don't necessarily have the time or patience for any fine-tuning. For example, you could use it when caulking your bathtub or baseboards. It will help you achieve a much cleaner finish. 

So, what's the secret method to this hack? These are the must-know details so that you can easily accomplish this yourself.

How to use baby wipes when applying caulk

In order to perfect this hack, all you need to do is pop a baby wipe over the tip of your finger. Make sure you pull it firmly so it's secure and not hanging off limply. Then, when you apply your caulk, place your finger in front of the opening where the substance comes out and follow it around as you trace the outline of whichever spot you're working on. You can repeat this as many times as you see necessary, just make sure that you have taken all the appropriate steps before you finish off with caulk, such as adding a compatible primer to the area. This will help to ensure a good quality finish. Likewise, you should always ensure that you choose the perfect caulk for the job, or you may give yourself a harder task. 

But why does this hack work so well? As it turns out, the baby wipes help to soak up and absorb any excess caulk. In a way, they almost act as mini-sponges. Even better, you won't have to scrub caulk off your hands after your job is completed. 

However, it is important to remember that if you use this hack a lot, you'll also be creating extra waste by using lots of baby wipes, which can accumulate in a landfill. From here, they can harm both the environment and wildlife.