Create Stylish Wall Storage With This Budget-Friendly Napkin Holder Hack

If you're low on storage space and find yourself on the verge of tossing away an old napkin holder, you should think twice. While it may seem like just another piece of clutter, this nifty household item can actually be used to create stylish wall storage, as shown by @redeaux_style on Instagram, and it will prevent you from adding to a staggering 2 billion tons of waste, per The World Counts

Not only can this hack help to create extra storage for any tableside clutter you have lying around, but you can even use it to display items too. For example, perhaps you want to display some drawings or old vinyl records. Your napkin holder will make it all possible. This arguably makes it a great upcycled shelving idea.

In addition to being incredibly stylish, this hack is also great for anyone on a budget, as it is, quite literally, free. Upcycling old household items is always a fantastic way to save money, so the more napkin holders you have, the better. 

Below, we'll explain how you can achieve this napkin wall storage hack for yourself.

Gather your old napkin holders

All you need for this hack is some nails and your old napkin holders. Thankfully, you don't need to be the world's best handyman to complete this hack. First, you simply need to decide where you want to place your napkin holders on your walls. This could be anywhere from in your bedroom to a wall in the kitchen. It all depends on your specific vision. Once you make a decision, you can grab some nails and secure it so that it's firmly in place, repeating the process with each holder. If you're unsure if it's secure, just try and give it a little wobble with your finger. 

Now for the best part — deciding what to put inside. For example, you could store paperwork or magazines or perhaps even use it to put letters or pictures inside. The choice is all yours. In fact, you could even use them to store leftover acrylic paint.

Of course, the napkin holder works so well as shelving due to its structure, as the panels help to secure items in place without them falling off — within reason, of course. You could even hang things from the bottom of it with string. However, fitting larger items or a heavy pile of items may be more challenging. For example, it may not be suitable for large stuffed toys.