Use A Magic Eraser To Transform Your Baking Sheets

Baking sheets and pans are some of the most convenient and versatile cookware in our kitchens, but they're also the ones most likely to get caked with crusty, dried-on foods; old cooked-on grease spots; and other stains of questionable origin. This can make cleaning these pans incredibly difficult and time consuming. For those of us who don't like leaving our pans to soak for hours on end, and for those spots that have been baked on for several cleaning cycles to no avail, there's a better way to clean them with Magic Erasers from Mr. Clean.

Magic Erasers are made from a condensed melamine foam, formed into a sponge shape. In the case of the Kitchen version, one side is infused with Dawn dish soap to heighten its cleaning power. The Magic Eraser is not a sponge, though; it's more like superfine sandpaper that gently scrapes away at surfaces. That's why it works so well on crusty food particles. It grinds the dried-on leftovers down to nothing, scrubbing them off your bakeware and down the drain.

How to clean your bakeware with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

It's important to note that Magic Erasers should not be used on nonstick cookware. The grit from the Magic Eraser can scrape off the nonstick coating, damaging the pan while also allowing microscopic particles to potentially enter your food. This coating is not healthy if ingested, so make sure to only use the Magic Eraser on untreated pans.

However, if your untreated baking sheets and dishes are caked with dried-on food, the Magic Eraser Kitchen might be the exact thing for the job. Wet your pans and Magic Eraser, squeezing to activate the Dawn dish soap inside. Scrub the Magic Eraser steadily and vigorously across the baking pan in question, starting with the largest, toughest areas and moving gradually over to the smallest and easiest-to-remove spots. Make sure all food particles are removed from the pan, then rinse thoroughly. Then marvel at how sparkling clean everything is and start planning what you'll bake next.