Get Rid Of House Geckos With Two Popular Kitchen Ingredients

House geckos can be quite the party crashers, especially when they decide to let loose from their ceiling perch and drop their doody right on your kitchen table. But you don't have to resort to chemical warfare to prevent them from entering your home. Instead, it's thought that using simple, all-natural ingredients like eggshells or garlic can effectively repel them without doing any harm. This trick supposedly works because geckos aren't big fans of strong, funky smells and weird textures.

Geckos love warm and cozy hideouts, so to stop them from turning your place into their go-to vacation home, you'll want to keep your home tidy. To keep lizards from finding cozy hiding spots in your home, it's essential to declutter. Lizards often take cover in newspapers, plastic bags, and even behind picture frames or furniture. So clear out this stuff to eliminate any potential hiding spots. These sneaky critters also love to camp out behind furniture, which makes it challenging to spot and remove them. Also, be sure to check your air conditioning unit, especially if you haven't turned it on yet. Fix any plumbing leaks, because you don't want to offer up a free hydration station for them. Lastly, seal up any potential entry points outside your home. And make sure your doors have draft or dust stoppers, because without it, that small space is an invitation for any uninvited creepy crawly house guest.

They're scent-sitive creatures

When it comes to eggshells, this particular ingredient pulls double duty. Supposedly, geckos can't stand the smell of unwashed eggs. The theory is that the smell of an unwashed egg fools geckos into thinking they've stumbled into a chicken coop, which spells danger. In addition, a gecko's foot sticks to things because it's got a bunch of tiny hairs all over it. It's believed that if you sprinkle some crushed eggshells near cracks, it can stop them from crossing that threshold. Just remember to switch out with fresh eggshells each day to keep it sanitary. You can always sub in sandpaper if you don't have eggs. Alternately, using fresh garlic cloves is also thought to be an effective remedy. Simply slice or grate fresh garlic and place it strategically in areas that are frequented by geckos.

Unfortunately, there are a few important things to consider when it comes to warding off geckos. First off, they don't always find their way into your home on horizontal surfaces. Any flat surface, like a wall or ceiling, is fair game, so counting on them to step on eggshells might not be the most reliable plan. When it comes to garlic, if you or someone living with you has a sensitive nose, or hates the smell, then this might not be the best option. Powdered garlic might work, but it won't do anything about your home constantly smelling like the Gilroy Garlic Festival.