The Best Heated Blankets To Keep You Warm And Cozy Through Fall And Winter

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While fall and winter are highly-anticipated seasons for most people because of the holidays, they also come with colder weather. Because of this, it can be hard to stay warm during the most wonderful time of the year. Luckily, heated blankets, also called electric blankets, are an effective way to literally make your home feel more warm and cozy when the temperature drops. These blankets have wires that run through the material and heat up when turned on.

When choosing the right heated blanket for you, there are a few things to consider. The most important is safety, as the best blankets have an overheat setting that turns off if the material gets too hot. Further, you should also consider the wash instructions. Of course, the style and color options are also an important factor, as you want it to match the rest of your bedding or decorations. Finally, think about if you desire any extra special features like a product that can be controlled by smart technology or one you can wear around the house. To narrow down your search for the ideal heated blanket for you, we've listed five of the best options.

How we selected products

When deciding which heated blankets would make the cut, we made sure to consider a number of factors. The most important was customer reviews, as these provide an in-depth look into how the blanket actually functions and any issues it may have. The star rating was also crucial, so we made sure to only include products with a total over four star rating.

To ensure that the products we chose were the best of the best, we only included electric blankets that were easy to wash in the washing machine. Keep in mind that it's best to clean any heated blanket in cold water on a delicate setting. Further, they also had to have an overheat setting, as safety is what's most important. Naturally, they had to perform well for most customers and generally live up to their claims. Because everyone has different desires, we included a wide range of sizes, materials, and color options. To choose the right heated blanket for you, check out our five picks below.

Best overall: Beautyrest's Plush Electric Blanket for Cold Weather

Overall, BeautyRest's Plush Electric Blanket for Cold Weather is our top pick, as it's versatile and functional. Because this polyester blanket comes in five sizes and 12 color and pattern options, you can choose which one works best for you. Further, it has 20 heat settings, a one-hour preheat feature, and an auto shut off timer for up to 10 hours. If you purchase the queen or king sizes, you'll receive two remotes so that two people on opposite sides of the bed can change the settings easily. However, keep in mind that the controller should never be covered when using, and you shouldn't lay on top of, ball up, or fold this blanket while it's on.

Purchase Beautyrest's Plush Electric Blanket for Cold Weather on Amazon, sold for approximately $80 to $170.

Best throw: MaxKare's Electric Heated Blanket

If you're looking for a blanket to cuddle up underneath on your couch, a throw size is ideal. MaxKare's Electric Heated Blanket is 50 by 60 inches and has a gray fleece top with a sherpa white underside. This product has six heat options, eight time settings, and a long power cable. It also automatically shuts off after three hours of use, so you can rest assured that you'll stay safe even if you fall asleep watching TV.

To purchase MaxKare's Electric Heated Blanket, head to Walmart, where it regularly costs about $66 online.

Best smart technology: Sunbeam's LoftTec Wi-Fi Connected Heated Blanket

The benefit of choosing a smart technology product is that you can turn on your heated blanket before you head upstairs, so it's already warm when you get into bed. The best option is Sunbeam's LoftTec Wi-Fi Connected Heated Blanket, which comes in four sizes and a slate gray color. This polyester product can be controlled by either the Sunbeam app, voice assistants, or the controller. It has an automatic off timer for up to 10 hours, and you can schedule when it turns on as well. The remote allows each side of the bed to choose different settings, so everyone can be happy with the heat level.

Find Sunbeam's LoftTec Wi-Fi Connected Heated Blanket on Amazon for about $70 to $155.

Best wearable: Westinghouse's Electric Snuggle Throw Blanket with Foot Pocket

If you want a heated blanket on you at all times, you may desire a wearable option. Made out of sherpa, Westinghouse's Electric Snuggle Throw Blanket with Foot Pocket is the top choice. With six heating levels and an up to 10 hour time setting, this piece is versatile. Further, it also has six color options and comes in two different sizes. Plus, it comes with a foot pocket so your toes can stay toasty warm while you're relaxing on the couch or in bed.

Buy Westinghouse's Electric Snuggle Throw Blanket with Foot Pocket from Amazon for under $100.

Best lightweight: Sunny Heat's Heated Blanket

While a lightweight heated blanket may not seem ideal, it may be the best choice for some. These are easy to transport and make great layering pieces on top of thicker bedding. If that's what you're looking for, check out Sunny Heat's Heated Blanket, which comes in four color options. With four heat settings, this product heats up quickly and has automatic off timing for up to 10 hours. Made out of soft polyester, this blanket is 72 by 84 inches in size, has a long cord, and distributes heat evenly.

Purchase Sunny Heat's Heated Blanket from Walmart, regularly around $49 when purchased online.