The Top 5 Best Towel Warmers To Give Your Bathroom A Luxurious Upgrade

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One clever way to instantly upgrade your shower experience is to add a towel warmer to your bathroom. It adds a luxurious touch to the space, making it seem more like a 5-star resort than a budget apartment or family home. You'll love it every time you step out of a steamy shower and your skin hits the cold bathroom air — it'll make even the most average of towels feel like warm, fluffy spa towels. But the trick is to buy the best towel warmer possible so your towels come out warm and toasty and not just lukewarm. 

However, trial and error is a little risky here, especially since most towel warmers cost $50 and up. You don't necessarily want to burn through three of these until you find the best fit, and that is where we come in. We've rounded up some of the best towel warmers on the market, and broken down the selections depending on specific categories. Take a peek below and see which one might be the best one for your own bathroom oasis.

How we selected products

When it came to choosing our categories, we looked at what shoppers might be the most interested in when selecting a towel warmer. Some people will want the best budget version available, while others will want the most high-tech one to impress all of their guests. Some will be more worried about aesthetics than price, while others will want a towel warmer solely based on the best reviews. Once we had our readers' categories down, we then vetted the options based on certain criteria. 

First, each product had to be over 4.5 stars with over 100 reviews, but most here have over 1,000. This ensured enough people had tried the product to decide if it was faulty or worthy, and that we'd be only dealing with the top-tier options. Any product that featured paid reviews was disqualified, and we took a hard look at any 1-star reviews to ensure the pain points weren't anything serious and disqualifying. We also took a look if any items went viral, and if it was mentioned in any social media reviews. What we have below is the best of the best towel warmers — see which one fits your needs best!

Best Overall: Zadro TWB Towel Warmer

This towel warmer received the "Best Overall" accolade because it gets you the most bang for your buck. Incidentally, it's also the towel warmer with the biggest capacity. It fits up to two large bath sheets, a towel style that clocks in at 40 inches by 70 inches. In comparison, normal bath towels are 28 inches x 54 inches. But most importantly, this gadget has four different timer settings, allowing you to choose how long you want your towels warming for. You can pick between 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes before the appliance automatically shuts off. Other models only have one timer setting, and it is usually at 15 minutes. This might suffice for quick showers, but the Zadro accommodates for longer baths.

Purchase the Zadro TWB Towel Warmer on Amazon for $179.99.

Best Budget: Live Fine Towel Warmer

If you don't want to spend over $100 to keep your towels and pajamas toasty warm, then may we introduce to you the Live Fine Towel Warmer, which has earned a 4.5-star rating from over 1,000 ratings. This towel warmer can fit up to one towel, and it has an adjustable timer just like the Zadro with four different increments, plus an auto-shut off feature so you never have to worry if you turned off the gadget or not.

However, every budget item usually has a downside, and this one is that it can't fit bath sheets or overly fluffy towels. According to reviews, while you can technically fit a bath sheet in the warmer, the item is too big or thick to get sufficiently warm. So make sure you only use this with regular towels if you want the best results.

You can find the Live Fine Towel Warmer on Amazon for $99.99

Best Design: Paraheeter AY-1003 Straight Towel Rail

For those looking for an aesthetically pleasing towel warmer, look no further than the Paraheeter AY-1003 Straight Towel Rail. This is a wall-mounted rack, and it can either be plugged into an outlet or hardwired into the wall. The gadget can get your towels toasty in around 10 minutes, but it'll just get them warm rather than hot. To get them hot, you'll need to use a bucket model. But what design enthusiasts will most appreciate about this towel warmer is its modern design. Rather than having a bucket with cables on the floor, you'll have a sleek feature that won't take up any precious floor space. 

The Paraheeter AY-1003 Straight Towel Rail is available at Wayfair for $124.99.

Best One-Touch Design: SereneLife Bucket Towel Warmer

Whether you're gifting this to someone who has a tough time with gadgets, or you just don't want to fiddle with different temperature settings and timer options, the SereneLife Bucket Towel Warmer is the best one-touch design out there. This towel warmer only has a single button on the appliance, allowing you to turn it on without thinking. It can hold up to two bath towels or a big throw blanket, making it perfect for the bathroom, living room, or bedroom. 

Since it only has one temperature and time option, the bucket heats for a whole hour before turning off. This makes the items inside nice and toasty, guaranteeing extra warm results. And with 4.6 stars from over 600 reviews, it's a safe bet.

Purchase the SereneLife Bucket Towel Warmer at Amazon for $113.94.

Best Countertop: Pursonic TW100 Electric Towel Warmer

If you don't want to heat a full bath towel but would love to use toasty hand towels, then this is the product to get. Having warm hand towels at the ready is great for all sorts of reasons. It'll feel luxurious after a shave, will get you in the spa mood when done with an at-home facial, or can be an extra nice perk for guests washing their hands in your guest bathroom or while staying in your guest bedroom. The Pursonic TW100 Electric Towel Warmer hits all the spots, featuring not only a warming device but a UV lamp that kills 99.9% of germs. This compact model currently has a rating of 4.5 stars, from nearly 120 reviews.

Get the Pursonic TW100 Electric Towel Warmer at Wayfair for $199.99.