Apple Cider Vinegar Is Your Laundry Room's Best Defense For A Clean Machine

Anyone who has ever noticed an intensely foul smell in their home and traced it back to their washing machine will probably never forget the distinct odor. While it seems odd to think that a machine created to clean things can be the source of a bad stench, it's actually relatively common. Luckily, a little apple cider vinegar can prevent this from happening.

The odor can smell like a mix of mold and mildew, and that's exactly what it is. The wet environment of a washing machine makes it prime for a build-up of mold and mildew. In addition, though you use laundry detergent regularly, bacteria can still grow despite the soap. This tends to happen often with front loaders since the gunk can settle in the rubber gasket rim. This can also happen if you have a high-efficiency washer, meaning it uses less water, but you keep using regular detergent. These types of machines use less water, so they need a specific type of HE detergent that won't gather debris and soap scum which can trap bacteria, mold, and mildew. However, by grabbing some apple cider vinegar and heading to the laundry room, you can offset the smell.

How to use apple cider vinegar to clean your washing machine

To take advantage of this natural cleaning agent, run an empty cycle without clothes and add two cups of apple cider vinegar to the load. The apple cider vinegar running through the various parts of the machine will work to help remove gunk and detoxify your machine. This is because apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties. So, it will help stave off bacteria from settling in the washer.

If you've been noticing an odor, you can instead add one cup of apple cider vinegar along with one cup of baking soda to an empty load. Then run it on a hot cycle. If the stench is emanating from the rubber gasket, mix one cup of apple cider vinegar in a container with one cup of baking soda and stir it. Then use the concoction to clean inside the rim with a cloth or a brush. However, for regular maintenance, run apple cider vinegar through your washer every three to four months to keep it in good-smelling condition. When a washing machine is kept clean, it will run better which will strengthen its working capacity and help it last longer. You'll also save money by not purchasing store-bought cleaners and avoid unnecessary chemicals in the process.