Brilliant Lego Storage Ideas Busy Parents Need To Keep The House Tidy

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Every parent knows how easily tiny toys like Legos can be spread all over the house, endangering anyone with bare feet and creating an overall cluttered appearance. Storage solutions are a necessity, but there are so many options out there, and finding one that works best for you can be totally overwhelming. Not to worry! House Digest has assembled a list of six brilliant Lego storage ideas based on what kind of storage you're looking for.

As a parent, you want to encourage the interests your child has, and Legos provide infinite opportunities for imagination, creativity, planning, and problem-solving. They promote fine motor skills like dexterity and hand-eye coordination, too. The different sets can get incredibly expensive, though — some running upwards of several hundred dollars — so you want your storage solutions to be as efficient and inexpensive as possible. Read on to learn about our picks of the best options for different storage needs.

How we selected products

We've scoured the internet, reading reviews and Lego enthusiast blogs to determine the best storage option for your different needs. We took into account each product's overall size, accessibility, capacity, portability, versatility, customization options, and cost. We considered items that are specifically designed for Legos as well as items outside the proverbial box originally intended for other things. We also checked social media for viral design trends or DIY ideas. In the end, we came up with six unique options for storing your Legos based on the ways they are most useful and provide the best particular feature.

Whether you have young children or rapidly growing teens, there's a Lego storage option out there for you. To find one that best suits your needs, consider how much space you have, how much you're willing to spend, how many Legos you need to store, and whether the storage should be able to grow and change with your child. Once you know the answers to those questions, finding the best storage solution is as easy as reading below.

Best overall: Iris Plastic Storage Drawer Rolling Cart

For the best all-around Lego storage option, the Iris Plastic Storage Cart with Organizer Top simply can't be beat. The cart sizes vary in height, depending on the number and size of the included drawers, and it takes up little space. Also, the included casters make the unit easy to maneuver from room to room, and the clear, slide-out drawers make identifying and accessing your Legos a piece of cake. With all these options and an incredibly affordable price point, the Iris cart checks all the boxes.

The Iris Plastic Storage Drawer Rolling Cart with Organizer Top is available at Target starting at $38.99.

Best carefree option: Lego Cinch Bucket Bag

If your child has a jumble of Legos that they mix and match without any inclination toward sorting them, you might want to opt for the Lego Cinch Bucket bag. Adorably branded and easy to carry, this option allows you to swipe all the Legos off your table and directly into your bag without a second thought. And despite its relatively small size — about 8 inches high and 7 inches wide — it can still hold plenty of Legos. For a grab-and-go play that's both durable and easy to clean, the Cinch Bucket is ideal.

The Lego Cinch Bucket bag is available at the Lego store for $19.99.

Best display option: IKEA Billy Bookcases

TikTok has come up with a really great DIY display-and-play Lego storage idea using IKEA peg boards and hooks, but for a straight-up place to showcase your tween's or teen's more advanced Lego creations, it's the IKEA Billy bookcase that wins out. The Billy bookcase is extremely versatile, available in varying heights, widths, and even colors. Shelves can be adjusted, added, or taken away if necessary, and you can even hide your collection behind glass doors to help keep dust away. Plus, if your child's interests change, you've still got a sturdy and attractive bookcase.

The IKEA Billy bookcase pictured above is $237, but there are other options at various price points.

Best storage table option: Kid Kraft Activity Table with Board

For smaller children whose Legos you'd like to keep contained to a single area, look no further than the Kid Kraft Activity Table. This table has a work surface that is Lego-compatible on one side and flat on the other. The tabletop lifts up and flips easily, even for children, and has a large storage area underneath. It's also relatively affordable than other play table options.

The Kid Kraft Activity Table is available at Walmart $64.60.

Best sorting option: Akro-Mils Drawer Cabinets

If your teen is a Lego master builder with an ever-growing collection of blocks and sets, then check out the Akro-Mils 64-Drawer Cabinets. These cabinets are relatively small on their own but can be stacked or wall-mounted to accommodate larger collections, and are quite durable. Your Lego enthusiast can sort by color, and attempt more exacting sorting methods as their collection grows. Moreover, these cabinets are built to last, just like Legos.

Find Akro-Mils Drawer Cabinets at Amazon starting at $44.45.

Best budget option: Iris 7 Clear Tabletop Storage Drawers

Clear, pull-out drawers are almost universally preferred for Lego storage since they provide instant visibility to what's inside and are less likely to tip over and spill everywhere. For the best, most inexpensive set, pick up the Iris 7-inch Tabletop Storage Drawers. It's a set of three drawers in a small, discreet frame that sits easily on a desk or other work surface.

The Iris 7-inch Clear Tabletop Storage Drawers is available at Michaels for $7.99.