Keeping Spiders Away Is As Easy As Heading To The Kitchen Sink For A Handy Cleaning Item

Finding spiders in your house can range from no big deal to intense panic depending on how you view them. Still, whether you like them or not, no one really wants any type of bug setting up camp in their home. While there are multiple chemically-laden pesticides that can obliterate spiders, you may not want to inhale or live with harmful chemicals in your home — luckily a little dish soap is one household item that can easily repel spiders and keep them away for good.

Spiders come into a home for many of the same reasons that other pets and insects do. They want to seek out a place that is warm and safe. Finding safe housing and food in a house is the goal and if the spider can locate a quiet spot to hide out and receive them both without disruption, they may be one happy arachnoid. However, you may not be happy with sharing your house or apartment with them. 

Dish soap will send spiders packing

If you would like to avoid store-bought pesticides or find a more humane way to make spiders go away without killing them, you need to look no further than under your kitchen sink. Dish soap interrupts a spider's egg cycle. This is important if a spider has gotten into your home and laid eggs. Additionally, dish soap is a natural repellent for spiders. In general, most insects avoid the scent of citrus. That is one reason why citronella plants work well in repelling them.

Use a citrus-based dish soap and add a few drops to a dish filled with water. Leave the fragrant mixture on your counters or in places where you have seen spiders. You can also slice up lemons and oranges and leave them in trays around the house to try to send spiders packing. Even better, rub fresh citrus peels along the molding, walls, windowsills, and surfaces where they hide. Spiders will keep on moving when they encounter scents that disturb their systems.