Get Funky Musty Smells Out Of Your Cabinets With A Few Items You Already Own

Though you may keep your kitchen in tip-top shape, there are always odors you must work to keep at bay. The musty smell in kitchen cabinets is one of them. However, basic kitchen staples like baking soda and vinegar can remove these unpleasant smells and leave you with squeaky-clean cabinets.

Regular kitchen activities can make cabinets prime for acquiring a musty odor, which is often due to mold and mildew. If you have pipes in the cabinets, a leak can also cause these issues, so check those first if you notice a smell. Even if the area where the odor is stemming from doesn't house pipes, the cause can still be mold and mildew.

Putting away dishes that have any moisture or drops of water on them can encourage mold and mildew to grow. Similarly, cooking causes steam and moisture to flow about freely. Of course, you open and close cabinets to get pots and pans when cooking and that's how moisture can easily sneak in. Steam can also seep in through the crevices on cabinet doors. Let's take a look on how to eliminate that musty smell once and for all.

Use vinegar and baking soda to obliterate the musty odor

To squash out the musty smell, begin by emptying your cabinets. Then look to see if you can find any visible leaks or patches of mildew. If there is mold on the shelf liner, you may need to reline shelves. You can leave a bowl of baking soda in the cabinet overnight to help neutralize any residual odor. However, manually cleaning the inside of the cabinets before leaving out the baking soda is even better.

To clean, thoroughly wipe down cabinets with soapy water and a soft cloth. If that isn't doing the job, you can also use vinegar instead of soap, but if you do, you must then rinse it off with a wet cloth afterwards. Next, air the cabinets out. Keep them open for a few hours or even overnight to allow them to fully dry. If needed, place a fan in the kitchen or open the windows to allow air to circulate. Once clean and dry, place the dishes back in the cabinet. Then add a small bowl of baking soda to help absorb any future odors. Replace the baking soda once a month.