Turn A Terracotta Pot Into A DIY Heater With Items You Already Have At Home

When the winter weather rolls around, even the strongest of us often find ourselves shivering from the biting chill in the air. Running the heat up in the house is usually the go-to solution for most, but not everyone finds it easy to afford those ridiculous energy bills once they roll in. Fortunately, there are many different options to heat your home without having to spend extra cash, including a TikTok-approved DIY heater that utilizes a couple of terracotta pots and a few other items you already have in the house like tealight candles, bricks, and a terracotta dish.

Terracotta is the perfect material for a DIY heater because not only is it fire-resistant, but it also does a terrific job of concentrating heat given to it and retaining it for an extended period of time. It's also an excellent insulator, which is why it's often used on house roofs as a way to trap heat and save energy during the winter period. While your terracotta heater isn't likely to warm up your entire home, it can still provide cozy warmth to your immediate surroundings during a cold emergency.

How to make a DIY terracotta heater

To build your terracotta heater, you'll need two pots, one bigger than the other. You'll also need tealight candles, a clay dish, three bricks, and a bolt and nut. TikTok adventurer @ejsnyder333 provided a helpful walkthrough to guide you through creating your makeshift heater. The first thing you want to do is place the smaller terracotta pot into the bigger one and secure it with the bolt. The pots usually come with drainage holes at the base, so stick the bolt up into the larger pot and place the smaller one directly on it, fastening with the nut. Then, position the clay dish on the floor, place a few candles on it, light them, and then place the bricks around them. Finally, place the pots upside down on the brick path to cover the flames.

While this contraption will heat a very small space, if you're looking to heat up a bigger space or if you just need more warmth, you'll need something much more potent and reliable. Also, remember that with an open flame, there is always the risk of fire catching wherever you are. Make sure you keep a watchful eye on those candles and remove anything flammable around the heater.