No One Would Suspect This Privacy Glass Was A Craft Store Budget Hack

If your house is set close to the street and you have windows flanking the front door that are impossible to add curtains to, then privacy might be an issue for your family. There are multiple ways to create more private glass, including window film and frosted coatings, but those can get pricey. However, there's a craft store hack called Gallery Glass that most people wouldn't guess is actually a super budget-friendly substitute for privacy glass.

Gallery Glass is easy to apply by hand to create a stippling effect. If you happen to be a renter or are getting ready to move, it's removable with no damage to the glass underneath. You'll still get a full amount of light during the day, and the best part is that one bottle is about a seven or eight-dollar investment. In contrast, having window film installed can cost between $175 and $250 or more, not including the film, and having your window replaced with privacy glass can cost several hundred dollars.

How to create craft store privacy glass

You won't need much to create instant privacy. First, identify which windows are the prime candidates for texturizing. Then, get yourself one or more bottles of Gallery Glass online or at the craft store. You'll also want to have a reliable window cleaner on hand along with two microfiber cloths, one to clean, and one to dry.

Your first step is to thoroughly clean the glass, making sure it's dust-, grime-, and decal-free. Once you've dried the window, squeeze Gallery Glass onto an area, and use your fingers to pat it into place as TikTok user @doitonadimeofficial demonstrates. Complete each section and then squeeze on more to cover the next one. It will initially resemble thick white glue but will dry crystal clear in the shape of the texture you pat in. Pro tip: don't shake the bottle before using it because that can create air bubbles. 

Keep in mind that you can only use this product indoors as it can't handle the extremes of the weather. Clean it with a moist cloth but don't use any chemicals or sprays because they could degrade it. To remove it from regular glass, you can simply peel it off. However, you might need some help from a blunt knife or scraper to loosen one corner before pulling it off in one piece.