Repurpose An Old Box Spring Frame Into A Practical Item For Your Garden

Revamping old materials can be a fun exercise for every do-it-yourselfer. It can help to add a unique twist to your project while also saving you money thanks to the fact that you don't need to buy new items. For instance, when you redo your garden, there is seemingly no end to what you can reuse to give the space a fresh look. Fallen branches or logs can border your flower patch, and old tires can be an ideal base for potted fruit and vegetables. However, have you ever thought about reworking the wooden frame of an old bed box spring and turning it into a gorgeous garden gate? That's what TikTok user Mountain Tribe Homestead did, and the results are seriously impressive.

Having a protective gate to your garden patch can help keep out annoying creatures like neighborhood cats who may want to eat your tasty produce. It can also stop your own pets from running amuck in your carefully tended green space. Plus, having a clear separation between your garden and other spots in your yard makes it feel like a private backyard oasis.

However, purchasing a new gate can be pricey, and building one from scratch can quickly become a time-consuming project. Instead, if you happen to have an old box spring around the house, then you can easily reuse part of it to construct an ideal garden gate. You simply need to know how it's done.

Turn a box spring into a gorgeous garden gate

To put Mountain Tribe Homestead's idea into action, you'll first want to grab the box spring and turn it so that you can access the bottom. That might mean laying it flat on the ground or leaning against a wall, tree, fence, or something else that's tall and stable. Once you're ready, cut any fabric or mesh layers off to reveal the wood frame inside.

Remove the wood frame, and add a nice coat of paint in whatever color you want. Next, take some chicken wire and cut it so that it covers the interior space of your new gate door, then staple it into place. Now, you'll need to create a couple of fence posts to support your gate door. When the posts are placed securely in the ground, you'll want to attach the gate with some hinges and screws so that the piece will swing open nicely. Finally, add a latch so that you'll be able to keep the gate closed when you're not around but can also easily open it when you want to enjoy your garden.

The TikTok video received plenty of comments praising the idea, while one viewer wondered if a box spring frame could also be used to create a DIY trellis. Beyond that, another person had a suggestion for a similar project, writing, "The very first compost bin I ever made was from an old box spring!"