The Tile Spacer Alternative That's Already In Your Wallet

While you might not use pennies often to purchase things these days, they can come in useful in other — perhaps unexpected — ways around your home. For instance, you can pop pennies in your birdbath to prevent algae or bury a few in your lawn to add some needed nutrients. That's not to mention the fact that they can be used to achieve the proper space between tiles. Indeed, the thin edge is just the right size to create a small area to separate each tile which is where you apply grout once the adhesive is dry. Pennies are also quick and easy to remove when the time comes.

Granted, you can always go out and buy spacers that are specifically made to use when laying tile. However, pennies can do the same thing for free. All you need to do is grab a few from your wallet, piggy bank, or from under your couch cushions and you'll be ready to go to work. Of course, how many you'll need will depend on how many tiles you're installing and how many spaces you need to create between each.

Use pennies in the same way you use typical tile spacers

When using pennies to help you apply tiles evenly, you want to use them in the same way that you would use normal spacers. That means placing each one with the thin edge down so that it creates just enough of a gap for the grout. It also ensures that each space between the tiles is the same so that you end up with a cohesive eye-pleasing pattern.

Just as you normally would, place each tile down one at a time. Then, insert a penny around the edges. It's best to use two on each side and perhaps around the corners so that you can make sure that the space is the same width all the way around the tile. Next, grab another tile and set it next to the first. You want it to be snuggly up against the penny without pushing it out of place. When the tile adhesive has dried, then simply pick out each of the pennies. They should end up leaving behind an even space for you to apply a nice layer of grout.