The Common Household Product That Will Ward Off Pesky Wasps

Finding wasps in or around your home can be downright terrifying. Perhaps the only thing worse is finding a wasp nest. Wasps are fiercely territorial and will attack if they sense a threat, resulting in painful stings. You must act immediately when you come upon wasps, and believe it or not, a simple dose of baby powder may be just what is needed.

The first thing to know is that wasps are attracted to sweet, sugary smells and garbage, so their taste runs the gamut. You can find them buzzing about floral-scented plants and trees, but they will also swarm around horrendous-smelling garbage cans and waste. Like mosquitoes, they also are attracted to standing water.

While you can't do much to move trees, especially if you live in an apartment, you can certainly make sure your garbage cans stay covered and empty any water that has accumulated around your home. Then, you'll also want to take action to send any nearby wasps on their way.

Use baby powder to repel wasps

You wouldn't think something as gentle as baby powder could send wasps on their merry way, but it's true. Although wasps enjoy sweet scents, they do not like the scent of the talc found in the powder and will avoid it at all costs. You can sprinkle baby powder in areas where you have seen wasps so they will avoid hanging around the vicinity. 

Baby powder can also work to rid wasp nests, but if you are attempting to dismantle a nest, you should proceed with caution. Always wear protective gear, including gloves and head protection. It's better to do it after dark when you can catch wasps sleeping after a long day. However, if you are allergic to wasp venom, you should avoid any direct contact with the insects and call a professional instead. To prevent wasps from ever entering your yard or outside the home area, you may regularly sprinkle baby powder around the premises. When the wind blows, it will strengthen the scope of the talc, spreading it about and boosting the protection.