Why The Bathtub Is Your New Best Friend For Cleaning Oversized Items

Having access to a washer and dryer in your home is truly a blessing. Anyone who lives in a fourth-floor walk-up or had to scramble to figure out how they were going to do laundry during the pandemic when laundromats were closed can attest to this. But even those who do have a washer might not be able to wash everything in it. The damage you can do to your machinery after consistently shoving that king comforter in your washing machine is far too great a risk to take. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to turn to your tub to get the job done. The bathtub can be your new best friend for cleaning oversized items.

The average bathtub is 60 inches by 32 inches in size, and 14 to 16 inches high. No matter what type of bathtub you have, that gives you ample space to clean those items that are simply too big to fit in your washer. This can save you hundreds in repairs that can occur from over-stuffing your washer with the average cost of repairs on a washing machine being between $150 and $500. While you might initially be hesitant to try it, it's perfectly sanitary to use your tub to wash your large items as long as you clean your bathtub well.

Cleaning large stuffed animals and body pillows in the tub

Your family will always remember the thrill of winning that giant stuffed character at the carnival. Washing it in the bathtub will allow your family to continue enjoying it. Run the cold water until the tub is filled halfway. Measure two tablespoons of laundry detergent and pour it in. Mix the water up with your hand to make sure it dissolves. Toss the toy in and squeeze it so it absorbs the soap water. 

Scrub the exterior with your hands, especially parts that are visibly dirty. When you're done, drain the water. Use the sprayer to rinse the toy clean with cold water. Then squeeze it to get all the sudsy water out. Use a towel to blot the toy dry after the water runs clear. Keep your stuffed toy in a space where it can air dry. 

Body pillows are another item that will not fit into your washing machine. You'll follow all the same steps as you would for washing a stuffed toy. Just be sure you're not twisting or wringing the pillow when you squeeze out excess water as this could contort its shape. To dry it, you'll need to place it in front of a fan or in some sunshine. Take your body pillow out of the sun after two hours to prevent its color from being affected. It might be a good idea to turn it so both sides of the pillow dry equally.

Washing a comforter in the bathtub

Even if you can fit your larger comforter in the washing machine, it can come out lumpy or completely misshapen and destroyed. You're better off just washing it in the bathtub. Use cold or warm water to fill your tub halfway. Add about 2 teaspoons of detergent to your tub water. Mix with your hands. 

Place your comforter into the soapy water and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Agitate the comforter with your hands, swishing it around in the water a bit to remove any dust and dirt, and gently rub any stains or spots to clean them. Then, drain all the water from the tub and press down on the comforter until the excess soap and water is removed. Now you'll want to use your sprayer to rinse the comforter thoroughly with warm water. 

Once all of the soap is gone, go back to pressing down on your comforter so all the water is removed. This is another item you shouldn't twist or wring in order to retain its shape. Your comforter should be hung in order to dry. If you don't have a sturdy clothesline, you can place it over the pole in your shower as long as it's clean and doesn't rust. If you're not sure, try placing a piece of plastic or a clean garbage bag over it before hanging your comforter.