The Money-Saving Trick All Scrub Daddy Sponge Users Should Know About

Do you cringe every time you throw a well-loved Scrub Daddy sponge in the trash? How about every time you see what you've spent on cleaning products? We all love reducing waste and saving money. If you're a Scrub Daddy user, you can do both through their Recycling Rewards program.

The Scrub Daddy sponge has become a trendy-yet-useful kitchen staple, with a handy design that's washable and long-lasting. They're a great way to reduce sponge waste, and many people say they make everything from doing dishes to cleaning a bathtub easier. However, even with their durable and washable design, they don't last forever. That's where the Recycling Rewards come in.

It turns out there's a way to turn the used foam into fuel, giving these sponges a second life. Not only will you keep your used Scrub Daddy out of a landfill, but you'll also get money off your next purchase from the Scrub Daddy product family.

How to participate in Recycling Rewards

To get started, make an account on their Smile Shop page. Then, on the Recycling Rewards tab, fill out the return form to get instructions for mailing. You'll have to pay for shipping, but since the sponges are so light, this shouldn't cost much. Once they've received the shipment, you'll receive an email stating that there's a credit in your Smile Shop account. You'll get $2 in credits for each recycled sponge you send in. 

Since these sponges are designed to last, you may not find yourself recycling them very often. Still, when you do, that $2 covers half the cost of a new Scrub Daddy Original, which sells on the brand's Smile Shop for $3.99. The most cost-effective way to gain rewards is to wait until you've used up a few sponges and send them in all at once. That way, you'll spend the minimum on shipping while gaining maximum rewards. There's no subscription required, either. Whether you're a Scrub Daddy aficionado or a new convert, the Recycling Rewards program is a low-commitment way to save a little money while keeping your home clean.