Try TikTok's Genius Feeder Hack To Bring More Birds To Your Garden

Bird watching is a soothing activity that allows us to truly enjoy the beauty of nature. While some of us may be blessed with large trees that birds love to frequent, that's not the case for all bird lovers. Some have to entice their feathered friends into stopping by for a visit. One way to do that is by using things that are already growing your garden. Just gather up some flowers that have gone to seed and make a bouquet feeder with them. 

A bouquet feeder is just a bunch of flowers gathered from a bouquet and hung somewhere the birds can get to them. This will help you attract birds that you want in your yard who will love pecking the seeds off of these flowers and eating them. Goldfinches, cardinals, woodpeckers, purple finches, and Carolina chickadees are all seed-eating birds that will flock to your bouquet feeder. So, when that first frost falls and you're ready to cut down your flowers, make sure you hang on to them for the birds.

How to make bouquet bird feeder

The only thing you'll need for this hack is some scissors and twine. Use your scissors to cut the flowers in your yard down. Gather your flowers in bunches and tie the bunches around their stems with twine. Leave some excess twine so that you can hang your bouquet from a tree, bird feeder pole, trellis, or wherever else you decide to hang your bouquet. Just make sure it's at least 10 feet away from your home so you don't have birds flying into your windows.

Another option is just to leave the flowers uncut as they are in your yard. The birds will feed on them until all the seeds are gone. But these bouquet bunches do look pretty and can be useful in bringing the birds to certain areas in your yard so you can get a better look at them. If you want to attract birds in the spring you can plant cornflower or golden groundsel, which birds love to eat. 

For summer birds, try zinnia or marigolds. Sunflowers and asters will bring birds to your yard in the fall before the dormant winter season. Combine your flower bouquet feeder or flower fields with a charming DIY bird bath to create the perfect aviary sanctuary.