Black Widow Spiders Stand No Chance Against This Popular Household Essential

Finding a black widow in your home is like having an uninvited, eight-legged houseguest who insists on redecorating with cobwebs and wants to chat about their latest fang-tastic adventures, all while flaunting their sinister red hourglass in your face. But when it comes to kicking them out of your home, you've got the upper hand with vinegar, the jack of all trades for keeping creepy crawlies under control. 

Like their arachnid cousins, black widows have super-sensitive sniffers that they use to pinpoint food and a potential eight-legged lover. When they come across that tangy vinegar smell on their webs or in their favorite hiding spots, they make a mad dash for the exit in search of a more spider-friendly hangout. On top of that, it literally burns right through their bodies, so they definitely won't be attempting to visit if you've got this stuff hanging around. Plain white vinegar is like the MVP when it comes to spider control. That's because, when compared with apple cider or balsamic vinegar, it has the highest level of acetic acid, which makes it super effective at repelling those eight-legged creepers.

White vinegar is best

To give black widows the boot and secure the perimeter of your humble abode, you'll need white vinegar, water, a spray bottle, and a cloth. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in your spray bottle. This combo packs enough punch to keep those critters at bay without leaving your place smelling like a pickle factory. Next, pinpoint all the areas where you've spotted the spiders, their webs, and-or egg sacs, and spray the vinegar solution directly on these spots. Wipe it down with a cloth afterward.

If you're planning to go to town with your new vinegar spray, be sure to crack a window. The smell of vinegar won't be overwhelming for just the spiders. Keep your pets away from the freshly sprayed spots until that vinegar dries up. It's also recommended that you do a test patch before going crazy with your beloved vinegar spray, because this acidic solution can eat away at certain surfaces. To boost the chances of kicking all black widows out of your home, consider sealing up any obvious gaps and cracks, and don't be afraid to do some decluttering.