Glass Shower Doors Have Never Looked So Good And We Have TikTok To Thank

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Glass shower doors feel luxurious compared to a damp shower curtain — but they can be a bear to clean. While hotels clean them every day to consistently maintain that gorgeous, spotless look, unless you have a cleaning staff, you periodically, perhaps reluctantly, scrub your own shower doors. It's a daunting task due to the endless return of white streaks and blobs, a vexing combination of minerals from hard water and soap scum. However, we're grateful that TikTok user mackenzierharris is on the case. She discovered and posted about an electric scrubbing tool that can restore the gleam to glass shower doors, giving us our time back.

Removing hard water stains from shower doors takes some effort. It's not like cleaning a sink where a few swipes with a sponge saturated with cleaning fluid will do the job. When tackling glass shower doors, you've got to put your whole body into it. What we like about the promise of this hack is that an electric-powered scrubber eliminates much of the physical toil.

How to make those glass shower doors look fantastic

The generic product name that you want to search for is "electric spin scrubber," and there are multiple brands at different price points. We also recommend comparing the features and cost while paying special attention to what comes up most often in the product reviews. We've seen a few units that are cordless, waterproof, and rechargeable like this Keimi version and this one from Labigo, both available on Amazon for around $50

After assembly, these devices look pretty straightforward and easy to use. As with any rechargeable, cordless appliance, you're really only battling against the clock as the battery runs down, so it's smart to have all your cleaning supplies at the ready. We recommend using vinegar to clean and add baking soda — they're great together on glass as they help remove hard water stains and are natural and completely non-toxic.