The Practically Fool-Proof Hack To A Thriving Peace Lily

The only thing better than having plants in your garden is being able to bring some of those flowers inside to beautify your home. Not all plants are suitable for indoor life because they need full sun but the ones that can survive in partial sunlight and shade rarely disappoint. One flower that is a favorite for decorating homes is the peace lily. Peace lilies grow gorgeous white flowers and don't require much in terms of maintenance. However dainty they may look, they are very simple to grow in the house, provided you meet their basic needs. If you have peace lilies growing in your house, then we are putting you on to a foolproof hack that will make your easy-to-handle plant even easier — instead of soil, just use water.

The peace lily isn't a household staple plant just because it's easy on the eyes. They bring plenty of benefits such as naturally purifying the air in your home. Peace lilies are not demanding plants to grow, and growing them in water prevents all the pests and diseases that are associated with soil pots, reducing your workload to achieve healthy flowers.  

Grow your peace lilies in water for them to thrive

If you are looking for ways to successfully grow your indoor peace lily then you can ditch that pot of soil for a clear glass vase and water. Water is key if you want your flowers to thrive which is why people are switching to a hydroponic system. TikTok user @greenhousecabinetz uses this method and explains how she keeps her peace lilies happy and healthy on their new regimen. The creator makes sure to change the water in the vase every week while keeping up with fertilizer once a month. She also stresses the importance of inspecting the plant to know if it's faring well. "When I change water, I check up on the roots," she stated. "Dead roots are brown and mushy and you can easily squeeze them off." She also rinses out the leaves of the plant to wash away dust and cleans the vase before replacing the water.

If you're looking to switch your peace lilies to a water-based lifestyle, then choose a glass vase with a wide enough neck for the roots to pass through. Pour enough distilled water into it to cover only the roots of the plant. Remove your peace lily from the soil pot it's in and clean all the soil from the roots. Finally, place your plant into the vase.