Remove Stubborn Rust Stains From Laundry With The Help Of This Household Staple

Whether you get up from sitting on an old folding chair or accidentally rub against a metal railing, nobody wants to discover rust stains on their clothing. As with other dreaded stains like grease, blood, and oil, rust stains are very obvious and often extremely difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, one hack using a common household tool that you likely already own will allow you to remove these marks almost instantly.

WD-40 Multi-Purpose is known to protect metal from rust, penetrate stuck parts, displace moisture, remove grease, and lubricate. It is marketed as having "a thousand uses," making the product a handyman's best friend. One of these uses includes acting as a clothing rust stain remover with incredible efficiency (it also works for eliminating blood stains as well). The best part is it can remove rust stains on any article of clothing or material, from denim shorts and pants to thick wool sweaters and jackets without damaging the integrity of a piece.

How to use WD-40 on clothing

The best part about this hack is its accessibility. You only need one product — WD-40 Multi-Purpose — which is available at any large market home improvement store. And, a single can of WD-40 is much cheaper than replacing a rust-stained sweater or pair of pants that is in otherwise perfect condition.

You will want to treat the stain as soon as possible, ideally as soon as it happens or when you first notice it. Take off the article of clothing and lay it on a flat surface. Next, take your can of WD-40 and spray it directly onto the stained area. Once the affected area is highly saturated, blot it a few times with a dry paper towel, then allow the article of clothing to dry in the sun for at least ten minutes. Finally, once you see that the stain is gone (you may have to repeat the aforementioned process a few times in order to see the desired results), wash the article of clothing using cold water, and your once-stained piece will look as good as new.