Tidy Up Your IKEA Closet With This Easy Fix

If you just moved into your new apartment or house and are looking for easy furniture that won't claw at your pockets but still deliver quality and taste, then IKEA is your best bet. Lots of people turn to their products when setting up their space because of how easy IKEA furniture is to assemble yourself, as well as how affordable they are, especially if you're a veteran DIYer on a limited budget. The IKEA PAX wardrobe system is a staple favorite among the community for its ability to blend into any room due to its convenient spacing. You can also choose how many shelves and drawers you want and restructure the whole thing at will. The downside is that it can look a bit unfinished due to the many drilling holes on the sides of the panels. What you probably don't know about IKEA's closet is that instead of covering these up with putty, you can easily tidy them up by using cover cap accessories.

Although you may not like how it looks, your IKEA closet comes with drilling holes for a reason. These holes are pre-measured precisely to hold features such as drawers so that you don't have to make the holes yourself. After you've set everything up, though, these holes can be off-putting and will require covering up. This is where cover caps swoop in to save the day.

Place the cover caps into the drilling holes for a seamless finish

Covering drill holes in your IKEA PAX wardrobe system isn't a difficult feat at all. TikTok creator @agaaata_ is well aware of this as she uses special cover caps to cinch together her closet, giving it the look of a finished product. She uses IKEA's VARIERA cover plates for the job. These are inexpensive at just $3 a pop and come in packs of 100. You can purchase a few of these packs depending on how many drilling holes you need to be covered. Simply detach them from the trying they come in and place them in the holes.

The benefit of using cover caps over putty is that if you ever get bored with how your closet looks or just need to rearrange your drawers or hinges, you can remove the caps, change up the accessories, and replace the caps where you need them. It's the perfect solution to an everyday problem and won't give you heart palpitations. Using putty involves more labor when you're lining the holes in your IKEA furniture, and it's harder to remove if you ever change your mind about the design.