The Popular Herb That Works Wonders For Keeping Cockroaches Out Of The House

Finding that your kitchen is infested with cockroaches is overwhelming, and it may seem like drastic measures like insecticides are the only solution. Easier said than done, but do not panic. There is a simple and easily accessible hack that can get rid of cockroaches forever with an ingredient you might already have in your kitchen. Use the aroma of rosemary throughout the infested areas of your home to ensure that cockroaches leave and stay far away without the use of harsh chemicals.

Cockroaches have a keen sense of smell, making it easy for them to find food, and they are drawn to many scents found in the kitchen like those of greasy and oily foods and sugary desserts. However, they despise the potent scent emitted by rosemary, making it the perfect roach deterrent. Not only is rosemary unpleasant to cockroaches but is also incredibly effective at killing them off if the oil is used as a fumigation method. By using any form of rosemary, you can combat the roaches that have already infiltrated your kitchen while simultaneously fending off new ones.

How to use rosemary to repel cockroaches

Rosemary can be purchased in its plant form, as an oil, and as a spice. Because each of these forms of rosemary emits a strong scent and is toxic to cockroaches, they can be used to deter them. Rosemary oil is a great way to incorporate this hack while also reaping the benefits of its aromatherapy. Simply add oil with at least 2.5% concentration of rosemary to an oil diffuser and allow it to circulate within your kitchen. Cockroaches will stay away and your entire home will be full of the herbal aroma. 

Using a rosemary plant itself to keep roaches away is as simple as keeping the potted plant on a surface in your kitchen wherever the pests are known to frequent. The plant will emit its fragrance naturally, and you can even feel free to harvest bits of rosemary to conveniently use in home-cooked meals. You can also harvest sprigs from the plant and place them in small vases throughout other parts of your home where you often find cockroaches. Regardless of whether you choose one or all of these forms of rosemary, this hack will ensure that you regain control of your kitchen.