Keep Your Quilts Neat And Handy With This Pool Noodle Hack

While most laundry is quite simple to hang and dry, quilts and blankets can be another story. Due to their large surface area, finding somewhere to hang these common laundry items can become challenging pretty quickly. Thankfully, one simple household item could be your saving grace — a pool noodle. Surprisingly, this swimming staple can double as a quilt hanger. All you have to do is attach a length of the foam tube to a hanger, and you should be able to neatly hang your quilts, whether indoors or outdoors, allowing them to air-dry efficiently

Not only is this pool noodle hack from @TheSimpleQuilter on YouTube a great solution if you don't have a lot of hanging space for quilts, but it should also save you money on having to splurge money on higher-cost solutions. It's also incredibly versatile if you want to move your laundry into a specific room, and can help you to get organized if you're working with multiple blankets. Here's how to use this pool noodle hack to make your laundry day a breeze from start to finish.

Attach your pool noodle to an appropriate hanger

To begin the process, you'll need to grab a pool noodle, a knife, and a few suitable hangers, depending on how many quilts you need to wash — they need to be strong enough that they don't snap under the weight of your laundry. For the method itself, simply take your pool noodle, cut it to the same width as your hanger, and slice one side to create a slit-like opening. Then, slip the pool noodle onto the lower rung of the hanger via the slit, twisting it so that the side with the cut is facing downwards — this will ensure that it doesn't slip off. As a result, you should be able to fold your quilts indoors and place them neatly over the hanger without worrying about creasing and crumpling them, making the drying process more efficient.

The reason this hack works so well is because the pool noodle helps to create space between the two sides of the hanging quilt, rather than it bunching up together. Likewise, it's also incredibly maneuverable, so you can easily transfer it to different hanging spots. You can also use it for a wide variety of bedding and throws or to dry other large items of clothes wrinkle-free. However, this hack may not be as appropriate for extra thick blankets, such as a comforter, as it would be difficult to hang and very heavy.