TikTok Has A Genius Spider-Removal Trick You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

Whether you love or hate them, you are bound to see a few common house spiders wandering around your home every now and again. In fact, they are quite prevalent during colder seasons. However, rather than kill them, there is a much easier way to remove them from your home, as shown by one hack from @lilyhigginsfood on TikTok. Instead, you can use a matchbox to collect any lurkers and transfer them safely to a more suitable habitat. Not only does this cupboard staple help you remove any unwanted spiders from your space, but it is also beneficial for the ecosystem to keep them alive. Therefore, next time you think about standing on one, you should probably think twice. 

Of course, this hack is also perfect if you feel squeamish about picking spiders up with your hands, as you won't have to physically touch the spider. In fact, it may even help you to feel more comfortable being around them! But how exactly do you use a matchbox to remove spiders from your home? Let's take a look.

Find an empty matchbox

All you need for this hack is an empty matchbox that's big enough to fit a spider inside, such as Diamond's 250-count Large Kitchen Matches. You can always add your matches back in later if you need to remove them. Either way, it shouldn't be too much hassle. To begin the process, you simply need to open the matchbox and use the "box" section upside down to catch the lurking spider in question, making sure to be gentle and precise, as you don't want to accidentally hurt it. While it's still upside down, gently slide the lid shut to trap it in there. However, instead of rushing outdoors, you should instead transfer the spider to a more suitable and sheltered location where they can live, such as in a shed or a basement.

Speaking to Tree Hugger, Rod Crawford, curator of arachnid collections at the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture, explains why this is: "Although some house spider species can survive outdoors, most don't do well there, and some (which are native to other climates) will perish rather quickly when removed from the protective indoor habitat." So, your spider friend will probably thank you later. In this particular instance, the matchbox works well for this hack as it helps to encase the spider so that it can't escape, making it much easier to deal with. However, you need to ensure the lid is fully closed, or else you could risk it escaping.