Save Money On Swiffer Wet Pads With This Diaper Hack

If you're eco-friendly-minded or want to live a waste-free lifestyle, then you might steer clear of any Swiffer cleaning tools. While the mops and brooms are incredibly convenient, they also create a lot of waste with their disposable dry and wet pads. You can usually only use them once before tossing them away, and they aren't recyclable so they just end up in the landfill. However, you can still use Swiffer tools without buying the disposable pads that go with them. Instead, you can DIY the dirt-catching covers by repurposing things you're not using in your house. And if you have kids that have since been potty trained and no longer need their cloth diapers, those little rectangular fabrics can fit the bill.

Rather than throwing out the cloth diapers, you can instead repurpose them into mop covers. While they won't have the same dust-catching ability as a Swiffer dry cloth since those have special electromagnetic fibers, they can still be used to mop without any hitches. Here is how.

How to use cloth diapers on a Swiffer

Cloth diapers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but most of them fit the Swiffer head almost perfectly. If you have larger ones, simply cut them down to size and sew down the edges. If you don't sew them, they will eventually fray in the wash, and you won't get as many uses out of them. Once you have your stack ready, push a cloth diaper into the head's fasteners and use it to do everything from mopping the floor to washing mirrors, windows, and shower doors. Since cloth nappies are made to be super absorbent, they're a great choice for this task. They can hold more cleaning liquid than regular rags, which will allow you to use them for a longer period of time before switching them out.

To use it as a mop, you can either squirt cleaning solution directly on the floor, or you can make a DIY version of the Swiffer wet pad. To do so, create a stack of diapers folded into thirds, mimicking the way Swiffer wet cloths look in the box. Put the diapers in a plastic container, and saturate them with the cleaner of your choice, such as Pine-Sol and water or vinegar and water. Allow them to soak for a few hours before using them, and that's it! You'll have wet pads all ready to go.