Keep Out Spiders & Mice With This Tea Trick

If mice and spiders are treating your home like high school kids throwing a party while their parents are out, you might be able to shut down their festivities with a relaxing cup of peppermint tea. This potent and aromatic herbal beverage works to repel mice and spiders because of its strong scent. Mice really can't stand the strong smell of peppermint, because the menthol scent masks their sense of smell, which means they're forced to rely on their not-so-great eyesight. It's a similar situation for spiders, who also use their sense of smell to detect friend, foe, or food.

First, you need to figure out how everyone is sneaking in. Mice will set up camp wherever they can squeeze in, even in the tiniest nooks. You can expect that spiders do the same, just on a more minute level. Once you've pinpointed all those entry points, cracks, or hideouts, it's time to get to work. Just brew up some peppermint tea, and when it's done, toss those used tea bags all around your place, especially where you think those pesky critters like to hang out. It could take a couple of days, but it should, in theory, be noticeably rodent and arachnid-free. To protect your floors from potential staining, you may want to set your tea bags on a disposable surface like a paper plate.

It's unfortunately not that reliable

Another alternative is to use the peppermint tea that you've steeped (if you haven't drunk it). Grab a spray bottle and fill it halfway with peppermint tea. Use this solution in areas where you think any eight-legged party-goers might be chilling, or furry invaders might be looking for a snack.

While it's true that both of these unwanted house guests thoroughly dislike the smell of peppermint, unfortunately, it won't put a huge dent in their population. While leaving bags of spent peppermint tea around your home is sure to make it smell amazing, it's just not strong enough to do any lasting damage. That's why it's recommended to try using something stronger alongside your peppermint barricade, like peppermint essential oil. This might give your minty weaponry a little bit of a boost in its effectiveness. Remember also that it's important to replenish the smell on a frequent, or daily basis.