Postage Stamp Vacuuming Is The Perfect Refresh In Between Deep Cleanings

Vacuuming can be a dreaded chore. It not only requires lugging an often bulky vacuum cleaner around the room, but you also must move the furniture to make sure the floor underneath gets cleaned as well. However, a shortened vacuum task known as postage stamp vacuuming can help freshen up a room quickly and without all the heavy lifting.

How many times a week you vacuum your home is largely subjective. If you live alone and don't spend much time there, you likely won't have to vacuum as much as someone with roommates or children. The more people around and more time spent at home will call for more frequent cleaning. It also depends on how much the particular room is used. The bare minimum for vacuuming a bedroom or office should be once a week. However, there are some spaces in your house that should be vacuumed more often

While regular vacuuming is vital to keep your home clean, in today's busy world, it's not always possible. That's where postage stamp vacuuming comes in handy. You can target the most-trafficked areas and present a clean space in a fraction of the time of a thorough vacuum session.

How postage stamp vacuuming can rescue you

Postage stamp vacuuming can reduce the time and energy you spend on this cleaning task. There are many times when a carpet could use a quick vacuum, but you may not have the time to do a thorough clean. You might not even have the time or energy to move furniture to get under or behind it. Maybe an unexpected guest is on the way or you aren't feeling well — or you're simply exhausted. In those cases, a quick run of the vacuum over open spaces can do a lot to brighten up your room. Simply vacuum over the broadest accessible spaces, and in just a few minutes, you'll have a mini clean-up done. 

Most dirt and debris will be left in the areas that are walked on most often. They're also the places where crumbs are most often dropped. Additionally, this open area is what people see when they first walk into a room. As long as the visible part of the carpet is clean, sometimes that's all that matters, until you have the time to perform a deep cleaning.