23 Brilliant Ways To Use A Toothbrush Around The House

The average person will use approximately 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime. That is a lot of bristles and plastic that's usually just thrown into the garbage, where it will eventually end up in a landfill. That's why you may want to consider using your old toothbrushes in creative ways around your home. Upcycling your old toothbrushes extends the life of this everyday item and gives you the most bang for your buck. The bristles are durable enough to tackle rigid surfaces yet gentle enough to care for delicate areas. Plus, they are the perfect size for stubborn jobs. The tiny brush head gives you precise scrubbing action, while the handle allows for a sturdy grasp in hard-to-reach places.

Save money on buying extra cleaning brushes and mini scrubbers because you already have one in the form of a toothbrush. This dental item can be used in every room of your house, including your outdoor space and garage. From deep cleaning to creative projects, there is a use that will save this brush a trip to the trash, and we've listed 23 of the best ideas below. Who knew such a tiny but mighty tool was in our possession all this time?

1. Clean the keyboard

Your laptop keyboard is a storage house for dust and debris, and it can harbor more germs than a toilet seat. Luckily, a toothbrush can bring your keypad back to its former glory. Run the brush over the keyboard daily to prevent dust buildup between the computer keys. For a deep clean, remove the keys and scrub them with warm water and soap. You can also disinfect the surface with a toothbrush that's been lightly dampened with rubbing alcohol.

2. Wash vents

Whether it's the air conditioner or the bathroom fan, vents attract dust. Without regular cleaning, they recirculate particles like dead skin cells and pollen that can end up in your lungs. A quick swipe with a toothbrush will prevent dust from accumulating and the unsightly look of clogged grates. Just brush the dry dental tool over your air vents and watch the debris fall. You can also remove the vent grate and scrub it in the sink with soap for a thorough cleaning.

3. Dust blinds

Have dust on your blinds? Grab your old toothbrush, as the head is the perfect size for tackling each slat in one swipe. With horizontal blinds, work from top to bottom using a dry toothbrush to dust the surface. With vertical ones, start at the top of each slat and brush downward to remove built-up specks.

4. Tackle carpet stains

One carpet stain can make the entire floor look soiled. Luckily, a toothbrush is an effective tool for treating rug messes. Whether using the shaving cream hack to clean the carpet or a homemade vinegar recipe, massaging the stain with this brush will precisely target the splatter and provide ample scrubbing power to lift it from the fibers. No more crying over spilled milk or red wine.

5. Brush off vegetables

A clean toothbrush makes a great veggie brush to swipe dirt off your vegetables before rinsing them with water. Now, you no longer have to worry about anything lingering on the skin of your potatoes before they become crispy fries. Use the toothbrush to brush the tops of mushrooms, remove the silk hair from corn stalks, or clean the soil off of fresh produce from your home garden.

6. Scrub the coffee maker

Your coffee maker has a lot of nooks and crannies that are easier to clean with a toothbrush on hand, especially when the parts aren't removable or dishwasher-safe. Use the teeth scrubber to scour the outside of your coffee machine as well as inside the lid, reservoir, and filter compartment. The soft bristles do the job without scratching any glass, metal, or plastic surfaces.

7. Degrease the stovetop

Oil loves to splatter on stovetops, and grime-covered burner caps are inevitable when cooking is a part of your daily routine. A toothbrush is the right size and gives the right angle to degunk the greasy surface. You'll get a thorough, deep clean in the stovetop corners, around each burner, on the grates, and over the cooktop knobs without worrying about harsh bristles that could ruin your appliance.

8. Freshen the garbage disposal

Is a funky smell coming from your garbage disposal? You're not alone. Food particles can often get trapped underneath the splash guard, releasing an unpleasant odor. This is where a toothbrush comes in handy. Pull out the splash guard and use the brush to clean inside the cap with dish soap to remove any vegetable pulp and grease. However, if the foul smell wafts up from the depths of the grinder, you'll need more than a toothbrush to clean your garbage disposal.

9. De-gunk the faucet

That old toothbrush also comes in handy for cleaning hard water stains off your faucet and lifting debris from the aerator. Spray the metal fixture with a half vinegar half water solution and get to scrubbing. The toothbrush is durable enough to remove stains without damaging the faucet's finish. Further, the brush's fine bristles are suitable for dislodging anything in the faucet head for a smooth run.

10. Refresh tile grout

The fine grout lines between your tiles are tedious to clean, but restoring this space to its original color is a vital refresh that will breathe new life into your space. Apply your favorite grout cleaner to a toothbrush and zone in on the cement filler. An old electric toothbrush will increase your scrubbing power, but a manual one does just fine.

11. Polish tarnished jewelry

Fine jewelry needs delicate care when it comes to cleaning, as you don't want to scratch the gemstones or precious metals. A toothbrush is the right size and softness to remove built-up grease, tarnish, and debris. Plus, the bristles get in those hard-to-reach places like inside earring backs, underneath the jewel setting, and between grooves. Get your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings shining with the help of an old toothbrush.

12. Brighten dirty shoes

After polishing your jewelry, it's time to dust off another accessory — your shoes. This tiny brush is ideal for cleaning between the seams, along the bottom of the soles, and around the toe pads. You don't need to spend money on a shoe brush when you have an old toothbrush around. Use it to wipe off loose dirt and dust before scrubbing with soap. This hack is safe for your suede, leather, canvas, and rubber footwear.

13. Spot-clean clothes

Sometimes your clothing has a stain but doesn't need an entire run through the washer and dryer. A toothbrush is perfect for spot cleaning those one-off soils. With a toothbrush, you can target messes directly with more scrubbing power than hand washing. The bristles help to lift the stains from the clothing fibers, similar to how they work for carpet smudges.

14. Restore Velcro strips

The hooks on Velcro strips create the grips that make it a secure fastener, but over time these hooks can reel in lint and debris. When this happens, the strips lose their grip. You can use a toothbrush to dislodge lint and dust trapped within those hooks. Just brush the mouth cleaner over both sides of the fabric fastener and watch the debris disappear.

15. Clean the bike chain

An old toothbrush comes in handy again when it's time to degrease your bike chain. The dental tool will reach into the crevices of every link, picking up dirt and grease. It is the perfect substitute for specialty bike cleaner brushes and costs a fraction of the price. This is especially helpful for regular cyclists, as they should clean their bike chain monthly.

16. Detail the car

Keeping the toothbrush in the garage, we're moving from the bike to the car. All the nooks and crannies around lights, air vents, the glove box, and drink holder could use a toothbrush scrub. It is a great tool for dusting, polishing tail lights, or spot-cleaning the seats. With all its uses, you might want to leave an old toothbrush in the trunk, just in case.

17. De-crumb the toaster

At the bottom of your toaster sit remnants of every past bagel warmed in the contraption. Even when you empty the crumb tray, food particles can still cling to the sides of the bread rack. Your toothbrush with the slim handle and small brush head must have had a past life cleaning toasters, since it's perfect for the job. Just unplug the appliance and slide the brush inside to dislodge crumbs caked onto the walls and crevices of your toaster.

18. Care for plant leaves

Indoor houseplants are a target for dust, much like the other surfaces around the home. A soft bristle toothbrush takes care of the particles without harming the foliage. The mouth cleaner also helps those herbs sprouting from your garden bed. It is great for brushing off pests like mealybugs and aphids that cling to the underside of leaves and applying insecticides to treat fungal issues.

19. Sow seeds

When planting season arrives, make sure your toothbrush is stored with the rake and trowel. The handle is the perfect size to create holes in your flower pot or plant beds for your seeds. Save yourself from dirty gardening gloves or getting soil underneath your fingernails by pushing the end of your toothbrush into the soil instead. In due time, you'll have a beautiful yard, all started from an old toothbrush and a few seeds.

20. Stir paint

While the toothbrush's bristles make it such a versatile cleaning tool, the handle is useful too. Not only is it great for sowing seeds, but it can also be used as a paint stirrer. Gripping the bristles, simply dip the handle into your bucket and mix. The dry or wet paint is easy to wipe off the plastic handle, so you can use it again and again for any paint job.

21. Create wall art

To get the most creative use out of an old toothbrush, upcycle it to a paintbrush to make unique wall art. Let the bristles create strokes on your canvas. Mostafa Azimitabar was a finalist for the 2022 Archibald Prize art contest with his self-portrait, "KNS088," painted with a toothbrush. Clearly, this is a tool that's worthy enough to be packed with your acrylics and pallets.

22. Apply glue

A glue brush is a useful tool for DIY projects around the house, and a toothbrush is a remarkable replacement. Use it to apply the adhesive without worrying about messing up your workstation, clothes, or hands. It is great for gluing smaller pieces like drawer knobs, rhinestones, or cabinet liners. It also helps you spread the glue evenly for a more durable hold.

23. Massage your pet

Our latest pet video obsession features dogs and cats falling under the relaxing spell of a toothbrush swept through their fur. It turns out that this hygiene brush doubles as a pet grooming tool. Stroke your pup's fur during a bath or massage your kitten while they're curled up for a nap. It is certainly the cutest use for a toothbrush.