Revive Last Year's Stale Cinnamon Broom To Good As New With These Helpful Tips

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What kind of witch throws out her broom? Not you, we're guessing. It's time to dig out last year's stale cinnamon broom and put it back on public display where it belongs. These brooms, which can be bought at grocery stores or wherever you buy decorations during the fall, come with the added benefit of a delicious cinnamon scent. Fragrancing your home with this spice may provide you with some holiday cheer. However, if you're using your broom from last year, the scent has definitely gone stale. Therefore, before you display it in your home, your first job is to revive it with a simple magic trick: liberally sprinkle the branches with cinnamon oil.

This hack is great because it allows you to use one cinnamon broom for years to come instead of having to buy a new one every year, which could save you money. Further, this hack is beneficial even if you recently purchased this decorative item, as the scent only lasts for about a week before it begins to fade. Then, once the season is over, store it for next year in a way that infuses the scent right into the twigs. To do this, enclose the straw fibers in a plastic bag along with several cinnamon sticks, keeping it as airtight as possible.

How to complete this cinnamon broom hack

Reviving your cinnamon broom is quite a simple process, and all you'll need is your broom and some cinnamon essential oils. Take the broom outdoors to refresh it so the strong scent doesn't overwhelm your family or guests. If you don't already have cinnamon essential oil on hand, there are many to choose from, including a bottle from HIQILI. Or, you might prefer to smell them in person to choose the one you like best at any store that sells aromatherapy supplies. Lay the broom flat on the grass, making sure it's nice and dry, then sprinkle on several drops of oil. 

People display these brooms to embrace the lighter side of the Halloween spirit or simply to use them as a cute, seasonal air freshener. They can be placed either inside the home or outside near the front door. Arranging the broom with some other spooky outdoor Halloween decor will announce that your home is an official candy distribution center. It's festive, looks adorable, and signals to the world that you're an approachable neighbor. However, because dogs have a heightened sense of smell, strong doses of essential oils are often not good for them. Therefore, if you have pets, consider rigging your broom to the front door rather than keeping it inside.