This Packing Hack Makes Moving So Much Easier

Moving to a new location and starting a new chapter in your life can be exciting. However, packing up your belongings can be quite an ordeal. Surprisingly, the greatest challenge may not involve moving your bulky furniture but may instead be the question of how to keep track of your smaller items. For example, packing a drawer full of silverware may seem daunting if you empty each compartment and pack the forks separately from the spoons. When you're ready to enjoy a meal in your new home, it would be great to easily retrieve your utensils, but this method may make finding what you need a challenge. There's a simple hack that can solve this problem. Simply cover an item such as a silverware divider with cling wrap before placing it in a box so the small items don't get lost.

Simply wind the wrap around the divider several times to keep the utensils secure, then place the try into a moving box. Once you arrive at your new place, just remove the wrap and drop the tray into the silverware drawer. Regular cling wrap can do the trick, but adhesive plastic wrap may be particularly useful. For instance, Glad Press'n Seal will adhere to the divider, creating a tighter seal and requiring less plastic compared to traditional cling wrap. In addition to packing your silverware tray, adhesive wrap can help simplify your move in a number of other ways as well.

Cling wrap makes moving easier

Another way this hack can simplify your move is by organizing any other small items you're packing. For example, when you break down furniture or remove artwork from the walls, you're left with a collection of hardware that you'll need later when you restore these items in your new home. An easy trick is to place them into an ice cube tray along with a small label that identifies which piece they belong to, then cover the tray several times with cling wrap. This step will simplify your reassembly projects. Use this trick to organize other small items as well, such as earrings or other tiny pieces of jewelry. 

You can also use plastic wrap to protect large pieces of jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets that could become tangled or lost. Lay out a sheet of the adhesive wrap and place your jewelry on top, then put another sheet of the plastic wrap over everything. Press down around each item to seal it and separate it from the others, then roll up the sealed jewelry and store it securely. This technique can also be used to organize other items such as fragile fairy lights or long extension cords. Stretch the wrap across a large container like a laundry basket where you can pack sheets and towels and identify them easily through the clear material. If you use this plastic wrap hack to organize your items, moving into a new home will become much easier.